2012 Winners - Creative Expression Contest

2012 Elementary School Winners

1st Place - I Love Rosa Parks by Rishika Sikka, Kindergarten

I love Rose Park by Rishika Sikka

Runner Up - One Child by Joshua Miller, 4th grade (PDF)

One Child

Runner Up - Colors of the City by Lily Potter, 5th grade

Colors of the City by Lily Potter

2012 Middle School Winners

1st Place - The Lion, the Snowman and the New One by Belinda Fang, 8th grade (PDF)

The Lion The Snowman

Runner up - The Corner by Kyla D’Sa, 8th grade

Runner up - Respect by Luis Flores, Mayra Garcia, Abraham Medina Huesca, 8th grade

Respect by Eva Eulaliam Mayra Garia and Icela 8th grade

2012 High School Winners

1st Place - Human Rights Video
Muhamad Al-Araby, Adam Ibrahim, Sarah Ibrahim, Ammine Getahun,
Jumanah Sharief, Ahmed Al-Fardan, Ayah Fattom, Hafsa Aden,
9th - 11th grade

Runner Up - Citizens of the World by Jackie Salzinger, 10th grade (PDF)

Citizens of the World

Runner Up - From Tahrir Square to Tiananmen Square: Leveraging New Media Tools to Advance Human Rights by Yamini Naidu, 11th grade (PDF)

From Tahrir Square

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