Tree Planting Events

Past Events

It was a special solve it Earth Day on Saturday 4/22/2017 at the Barrows Meadows greenspace restoration project with 100 enthusiastic volunteers participating.
At the opening of the event, resident poet and storyteller F.I Goldhaber, recited a new unpublished poem written especially for this Summer Creek wetlands. She then named over 16 birds she has seen at this thriving wetland and the impact of the restoration project.
We then planted 30 mature Oregon White Oaks, in an effort to re-populate this once thriving tree. The oaks were considered sacred to the Native Americans for their size, durability, and providing acorns, as well as a peaceful and calming place. We then mulched over 1000 recently planted native shrubs and trees.
Thank-you Volunteers!
The City of Beaverton and  Friends of Trees were joined by 90 volunteers to plant 1450 native trees and shrubs on Saturday, January 21. The volunteer groups included Cub Scout Packs 195 and 353. Thanks to hundreds of volunteers, this greenspace is being transformed from a site filled with invasive species to a healthy natural habitat.
A neighbor recently spotted 14 species of birds.

When:  Saturday, January 21, 2017
Location: 11150 SW Davies Rd
01-24-15 The City of Beaverton is excited to be teaming up this Saturday with Friends of Trees for a native planting event. We will be planting native plants along Fanno Creek in a wetland which has been overgrown with invasive reed canary grass. Join us and a host of volunteers for the first year of this wetland restoration. Please wear rubber shoes if possible. For more information go to Friends of Trees.
When: Saturday, October 15, 2016, 9 am-1 pm
Where: 10905 SW Denney Rd (map)

Arbor Day Celebration

The City of Beaverton has partnered with Friends of Trees to organize volunteers to plant native trees, shrubs and grass for the Hall Creek Enhancement project (CIP 3320).

In 2012, Metro Council awarded a $354,304 Nature in the Neighborhood grant to the city to help fund the restoration of a 650-foot section of Hall Creek from SW 114th Ave to 117th Ave.

The city will be planting 1,530 native plants and shrubs and 12,138 plugs of rush / sedge mix.

When: Saturday, April 9, 2016 at 9 am for our Arbor Day celebration.
Where: 3771 SW 114th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005, USA (map)
Refreshments will be provided.
 Celebrate Arbor Day - Flyer  

Hall Creek Tree Care

Description: Join Friends of Trees to help revitalize Hall Creek in the heart of Beaverton. This event is part of a broader creek restoration project being completed by the City of Beaverton to improve water quality and beautify the area. We'll be mulching all recently planted trees and shrubs to prepare them for survival during the warmer summer months!
When: Saturday, April 30, 2016, 9 am – 12 pm

Contact Jenny or Randi at (503) 595-0213 if you have any questions or need more information.

Tree Planting EventNative Planting Event

The City of Beaverton will join Friends of Trees and volunteers for a Green Space Native Planting event on Saturday, January 23 at Barrows Meadows. This 2.5 acre site is a wetland meadow which has been overgrown with invasive species, mostly reed canary grass and blackberry. This will be the sixth year of the restoration here. We will be planting bare root and live stake trees and shrubs. Please join us and see how native plants are transforming this site.

Hall creek restoration plantings

Second phase: Saturday, January 9, 2016
On Saturday, January the 9th was the second stage of replanting the Hall creek pedestrian path that is getting a makeover. The replanting of native plants and trees went very well with 40 new trees planted and numerous water quality and erosion control shrubs with the help of about 65 volunteers. We had a great turnout and the results were excellent.

The planting of native trees and shrubs add many benefits to the Hall creek path. These plants will help control erosion on the banks of the creek, while also helping to filter rainwater before it ever enters the stormwater system. These plants will also help native species of birds and other animals to thrive. In addition to their usefulness, the native plants will provide a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery that is unique to the Pacific Northwest while you are commuting to work, school, or play.

The next planting will take place Arbor week on April the 9th with a speech commemorating the Arbor Day event that Beaverton takes pride in every year.

First Phase: Saturday November 14, 2015
A big thank you to Friends of Trees and the 95 volunteers for their hard work and excellence in planting on Saturday (November 14) morning at Hall Creek. We successfully planted a staggering 3,115 shrubs, wildflowers, rushes, and sedges. What an incredible feat! These plants are improving water quality and habitat, none of which would have been possible without your hard work!

Planting Trees Event Also thank you to the Mayor, Counselor Harrington (Metro), Margaret Wagner (CWS) and Faye Hall (Assistance League of Portland) for taking the time to come out and say a few words about the Project and the importance of improving our creek system. The overall goals of this Project is to alleviate flooding, improve storm water runoff quality, improve safety for pedestrians, provide a green space that the community can enjoy and present an example of how a creek can satisfactorily fit into an urban area.

The native planting got off to a great start at the Hall Creek Restoration site Saturday, October 24! The City of Beaverton and Friends of Trees hosted an enthusiastic group of 70 volunteers, including our own Mayor! They planted 751 live stakes, 490 gallon shrubs and 2300 sedge plugs for a total of 3541 plants. Great effort everybody! See pictures from this event. This planting is part of a broader creek restoration to improve water quality and beautify this area. Please join us at the next planting here on November 14, you can sign up through the Friends of Trees or email or call 503-595-0213.

Tree Planting Event

Beaverton Planting Event

Friends of trees had a tree planting event at Sunset High School on October 17, 2015 at 9:00 am - 12 pm.

With 38 volunteers, some from Sunset High School and a few from Gresham, we planted 40 trees including European hornbeams, Western red cedars, and red oaks.

Murrayhill Native Planting

What a great day for planting last Saturday, October 17, 2015 at the Summer Creek headwaters located at Murrayhill HOA. Thank-you to all 50 volunteers who participating in planting 700 native trees and shrubs. Those included edible plants like salmonberry and edible for the residents of Andover Condominiums. Also a big thanks to all our partners, Friends of Trees, Clean Water Services, Murrayhill HOA, Tualatin River Watershed Council. See you at the next planting coming up this Saturday, October 24, 2015, at Hall Creek!

Earth Day

Earth Day native plant mulching and tree planting at the Barrows Meadows site event took place Saturday, April 18, 2015. This is the fifth year the City of Beaverton and volunteers have been restoring this 5 acre wetland.

The Native Tree Planting

The native tree planting event at Barrows Meadows on Saturday, January 24, 2015 was a great day. Over 70 volunteers planted 1700 native trees and shrubs at this 5 acre site. This is the fifth year the City of Beaverton has partnered with Friends of Trees and Clean Water Services in the restoration of this wetlands and stream way. We want to send a big thank-you to all the volunteers for helping us eliminate the invasive vegetation here and replacing it with native plants and turning this green space into a future wildlife sanctuary!