Center for the Arts

 Center for the Arts Council Presentation on 6/21/2016 - PDF
Exterior Design: Aerial View from Hall Blvd

A Love for the Arts

Beaverton has a thriving arts community, but few performing arts venues. A Performing Arts Center Blue Ribbon Task Force, and studies conducted in 2004 and 2011, concluded that there is strong interest and a potential market for a performing arts facility in Beaverton. The task force has recommended a 450-seat center for professional theater, dance, live music, and arts education.

Establishing a performing arts center is one of the adopted ideas in the Beaverton Community Vision plan.

Current Status

Local arts supporters are currently seeking private and public funding, and searching for a suitable site.
Beaverton City Council chooses developers for Westgate site

Arts Consulting Group Report April 2014

Presentation to Beaverton City Council on August 13, 2013

Photo album of the Beaverton Performing Arts Center design concepts

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