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The Beaverton Arts Program provides financial support for non-profit visual, written and performing arts organizations who serve the Beaverton community. All events or activities funded by either opportunity must take place within the Beaverton School District boundaries.
 Cast and Crew of Beaverton Civic Theatre production of The Addams Family
Beaverton Civic Theatre cast and crew of "The Addams Family"

Community Grants

 The application for community grants is now closed. Please check back in January 2018!

Crane Age origami assembly
"CraneAge" by Patrice Demmon

Diverse Art Offerings Grant

Application Due: December 31, 2017, 11:59 p.m., or until all grant funds are expended.

Proposals to the Beaverton Arts Grant Program can be geared toward an unexpected opportunity or event – a rare, unexpected or unplanned opportunity that arises. All proposed activities must occur within the 2017 calendar year.
  • Example: An individual, artist or organization is surprised with an award to participate in a workshop but costs are not paid in full, and balance is beyond artist’s capacity to pay.
  • Example: An individual, artist or organization is presented with the opportunity to implement an art class or activity and needs funding for materials.
Amount: Up to $500 per applicant. Only one request per individual or organization will be funded each calendar year. Applicants who receive a Beaverton community grant in this cycle will not be eligible for the diverse art offerings grant.
2017 Diverse Art Offerings Grant Guidelines
2017 Budget Form - Word format

To submit an application for the Diverse Art Offerings Grant through email or mail, please complete the paper application and budget form.
2017 Diverse Art Offerings Grant Paper Application

If you received a diverse art offerings grant in 2016, please complete your final report and email it to before applying for 2017.

2016 Diverse Art Offerings PDF Final Report
2016 Diverse Art Offerings Word Final Report