Development Division

LaScala: Residential Mixed-use Groundfloor Commercial/Restaurant

Photo of LaScala Apartments with ground floor dedicated to micro restaurants.


The role of the city’s Development Division is to strategically implement the city’s development, urban revitalization, and housing goals to help build a livable and equitable community for all Beaverton residents.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Development Division is responsible for:

Redevelopment—The City of Beaverton is committed to improving the look and feel of the downtown and to creating a vibrant urban core. The Development Division provides support to strategic projects that will be catalysts for the redevelopment of downtown. Strategic projects are those where City assets can be effectively leveraged with other available financial resources and incentives to contribute to significant private reinvestment in the downtown. 
Incentive Programs—The Development Division has three new incentive programs for businesses and development in central Beaverton:

Big O's Before (Storefront Improvement Program)

Photo of Big O's Pizza before storefront improvement.

Big O's After (Storefront Improvement Program)

Photo of Big O's Pizza after storefront improvement.

Urban Renewal—The Development Division is tasked with building the organizational structure for and implementing the city’s urban renewal strategy.

Community Development Block Grant (Housing and Community Services)—Each year the City of Beaverton receives funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the CDBG program. The Development Division is charged with managing this program, and provides annual awards to sub recipients to offer services to residents of Beaverton. Services include homeless shelters and case management services, homebuyer down-payment assistance, owner-occupied housing rehabilitation, and microenterprise technical assistance. 

Housing Implementation—Beaverton is one of the region’s fastest growing communities. It is also one of the most diverse communities in the Portland metropolitan region. The City of Beaverton is committed to ensuring all of its residents have appropriate housing. It has therefore created an inter-department team to create a Housing Implementation Strategy.

Beaverton Central

The area of The Round and the former Westgate theater property has been identified by the city’s Civic Plan and Creekside District Plans as a key redevelopment opportunity for Beaverton. The area represents nearly 12 acres along the MAX line. The city hopes to create an 18-hour community, increasing the number of people living, working, and visiting Beaverton’s central core.

Current and Future Development Projects Include: