Farmington Rd - CIP 3302

Farmington Road (Hocken to Murray) MSTIP 3D

Farmington Road project is complete. All lanes are now open to traffic.

The joint project between Beaverton and Washington County included:
  • Widening Farmington Road to five lanes (two lanes in each direction and a center turn lane) between Murray Boulevard and Hocken Avenue
  • Installation bicycle lanes, sidewalks and street lighting
  • Realignment of  141st and 142nd avenues
  • Upgrades to water and sanitary sewer lines
Farmington Rd looking east  Corner of Murray Blvd and Farmington looking NE 

    Corner of Murray Blvd and Farmington looking NE                              Farmington Rd looking east


Project Manager:

Ben Shaw, 503-526-2447

Project Status:

 FY12-13: In Mar 2012 Washington Co added project to MSTIP3D list. In Jan 2013 HHPRI was contracted by WASHCO to complete PS&E. 1-11-13 Project kickoff meeting. 4-10-13: Open House #1. Hold bi-weekly project development meetings. 6-3-13: Meeting with Central Beaverton NAC.

FY13-14: Continue design and begin ROW acquisition. 90% plans completed Aug 2013. 95% plans completed Dec 2013. PTF2013-0002 and SDM2013-0006 approved 12-31-2013. Eastbound right turn lane at Farmington/Murray removed 4-21-14. Open House #2 held 4-30-14.

FY14-15: Complete ROW acquisition, bid and award project, and begin construction. Site Development permit approved in Nov 2014. 100% plans approved Feb 2015. Open House #3 held 2-26-15. Bids opened 3-16-15. K&E Excavation of Salem, OR is the low bidder. Construction began 6-1-15.

FY15-16: Construction of south side roadway improvements and sanitary sewer improvements east of Murray Blvd.

FY16-17: Construction of north side roadway improvements and water improvements east of Murray Blvd and intersection improvements at Murray Blvd.

FY17-18: Final paving of Murray Blvd, Farmington Rd and striping of road and landscaping.

Substantial Completion Date:

August 30, 2017

CIP 3302 Description

Stay informed of traffic changes due to construction on the Traffic Alerts page.

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Visualization of Farmington Road post construction
Washington County Transportation Projects: Farmington Road (Murray to Hocken)

KGW: Farmington Road Groundbreaking
KOIN: Farmington Road Groundbreaking
Aerial scene of construction equipment and crews on SW Farmington near Hocken.