South Cooper Mountain from ASR 3 - CIP 4021G

South Cooper Mountain (Non-Potable Water) from ASR Well No. 3

Project Description:

 To partially mitigate the increase in water demand which is related to non-potable water use such as irrigation, outdoor use, toilet flushing, and decorative fountains in the South Cooper Mountain (SCM) annexation area, the City is planning for a non-potable (purple pipe) system which will use native groundwater from a 1,000-foot deep existing well drilled in 2000 into a local deep-basalt aquifer (see CIP 4021A). The well was originally drilled and intended as an Aquifer Storage and Recovery well, ASR Well No. 3 for potable water. Other locations and underground formations for ASR in Beaverton proved to be lower cost and higher water drinking quality for ASR, so ASR No. 3 was held in reserve for future development. A well-pumping system will be developed and purple-pipe water distribution system that will extend from SW Loon Dr, near Scholls Ferry Rd to the west and ending at the easterly side of SW 175th Ave. The purple pipe system will serve the new Beaverton School District high school which is planned for opening in the fall 2017.

Project Manager:

David Winship, 503-526-2434

Project Status:

FY 15-16: Engineering staff will, with the assistance of hydrogeological and engineering consultants, prepare preliminary design for the needed pump station and purple pipe distribution system.

FY16-17: Continue preliminary design and complete installation of a section of the purple pipe distribution system.

Substantial Completion Date:

June 30, 2017

 CIP 4021G Description

Planning legend for South Cooper Mountain properties.