Permit Center

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The City of Beaverton’s Permit Center provides support during the development review process. We work in partnership with customers to provide timely, consistent, respectful, clear and accountable customer service.

Trained and highly-skilled city staff work together to deliver land use decisions, construction permits, inspections and final project sign-off. Development-review process responsibilities are coordinated, as follows:
  • Planning: local and state land use regulations and land use law
  • Site Development: engineering requirements for public and private infrastructure
  • Building: national and state requirements for building construction
  • The City of Beaverton is charged with ensuring that projects developed within the city satisfy local, county, regional, state and federal rules and regulations. We maintain excellence in the built environment for our community, neighborhoods and residents.

We are working to improve our development review process in order to:
  • Provide improved and consistent customer service
  • Communicate more effectively with customers and between staff
  • Provide appropriate tools and implement technology to streamline the process
  • Update to industry standards and increase competitive advantage of the city

For more information, please access our phased reports below.

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