Beaverton Organizing and Leadership Development (BOLD)

The BOLD program is a leadership development and civic engagement training for emerging immigrant and refugee leaders and leaders of color in Beaverton. The program is a partnership between the City of Beaverton and Unite Oregon (formerly the Center for Intercultural Organizing) and is a key strategy of the Cultural Inclusion program to boost engagement of underrepresented communities in city government.

The trainings are structured based on a popular education model, which draws from each participant's direct, lived experiences and knowledge. Content includes a focus on:
  • Understanding City of Beaverton's government structure and political landscape.
  • Building a shared understanding of our experiences and priority issues.
  • Community organizing and shifting public policy.
BOLD Program 2016 graduates
  1. Alexis D. R. Ball

    Equity & Inclusion Manager
    Phone: 503-526-2503