Rose Festival Half Marathon

The 6th Annual Rose Festival Half Marathon is coming to Beaverton, Sunday May, 28, 7:30 a.m. to noon.

Join the race today and use discount code BEAV20 for $20 off registration.

Rolling road closures on Sunday, May 28 starting at 6 a.m. and ending as runners complete the route. Roads completely reopen by noon.

Road Closures

The Beaverton Police Department will have officers along the race route for the safety of the runners and to assist motorists. If you end up in the race area and need to get through please contact one of the officers, and they will assist you in working your way around the race route.

The race will start and end at Southridge High school. We expect that traffic will be affected between the hours of 6 a.m. and 12 noon, along the race route. Some areas will be affected longer than others due to an overlap of the race route. Roads will be opened after the tail of the race has safely cleared the area.

If you have specific concerns related to the race route, please call the City of Beaverton events number at 503-726-8016.

Please follow us on Twitter @BeavertonPolice for live traffic updates during the race.

Is the route going through your neighborhood? View Route map.

These roads will be directly affected by the race:
  • SW 125th Ave to SW Brockman St
  • SW Brockman St between SW 135th Ave to SW Greenway
  • SW 130th Ave between SW Brockman St and SW Weir Rd
  • SW Weir Rd between SW 130th Ave and SW 135th Ave
  • SW 135th Ave between SW Weir Rd and SW Brockman St
  • SW Greenway between SW Brockman St and SW Hall Blvd
  • SW Hall Blvd between SW Nimbus Ave and SW Allen Blvd
  • SW Gemini Dr to SW Stratus St
  • SW Stratus St to SW Creekside Pl
  • SW Creekside Pl to SW Murphy Ln
  • SW Murphy Ln to SW Greenway Blvd
  • SW Allen Blvd between SW Hall Blvd and SW Lombard Ave
  • SW Allen Blvd between SW Arctic Dr and Fanno Creek Trail
  • SW Lombard Ave between SW 5th St and SW Allen Blvd.
  • SW 5th St between SW Lombard Ave and SW Western Ave
  • SW Arctic Dr between SW Western Ave and SW Allen Blvd
  • SW 105th Ave between Fanno Creek Trail and SW Denney Rd
  • SW Denney Rd between SW 105th Ave and Fanno Creek Trail
Drivers and pedestrians in Beaverton on Sunday should expect minor delays near the race route. To minimize impact, roadways along the route will be temporarily closed to traffic and then reopened as runners make their way to the finish line. Alternative transportation routes will also be posted.

Participants receive:
  • Finisher t-shirt
  • Finisher medal
  • Collectible coin
  • Virtual goodie bag
  • And more!
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