Compost at Home

Beaverton Starts Composting!

Starting October 30, Beaverton residents with yard debris collection service can add food scraps to their yard debris roll cart - now called a composting roll cart. Composting food scraps with yard debris creates nutrient-rich fertilizer and reduces our impact on the environment.

Compost Instructions

  • Yard debris and food scraps can be put into your composting roll cart together.
  • Materials are picked up on your normal weekly service day.
  • Be careful not to pack it tightly - contents must fall freely from your roll cart.
Billie the Beaver holding a compost pale.

Three easy steps

  1. Place your kitchen compost pail in a convenient location in your kitchen.
  2. Include the food! Toss all food scraps and plate scrapings into your kitchen pail.
  3. Empty your kitchen pail into your food and yard debris (composting) roll cart. Place your roll cart at the curb for normal pick up.
How to compost steps 1, 2, 3
Yes - Put these items into your composting cart

Include the food with your yard debris (leaves, flowers, grass clippings, weeds and plant trimmings)

All Food:
Fish and shellfish
Eggs and eggshells
Cheese and dairy products
Bread and baked goods
Rice and other grains

Beans, nuts and seeds
Fruit (including peels and cores)
Table scraps and plate scrapings
Spoiled food
Food-soiled paper:
Coffee grounds and filters
Tea bags
Paper napkins and towels
Pizza delivery boxes

Graphic list of items to put in the compost bin.
No - Leave it out

Plastic bags
Non-approved compostable bags
Compostable containers and utensils
Paper or plastic plates, cups and cartons
Fast food wrappers (waxed paper)
Takeout containers
Large amounts of grease or oil
Pet waste and cat litter

Universal Do Not Enter symbol.

Tips for keeping it clean

Collecting food scraps in your yard debris roll cart is similar to putting it in the garbage – pests and odors are unlikely, but here are some tips for keeping it clean.

For your kitchen pail

  • Empty your pail into your roll cart frequently.
  • Wash your kitchen pail in the dishwasher or by hand.
  • Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom.
  • Use an optional kitchen pail liner - newspaper, paper bag or Biodegradable Product Institute (BPI) certified compostable bags. These bags are available at most local grocery stores.

For your yard debris roll cart

  • Set it out weekly - even when it's not full.
  • Line the bottom with newspaper or a paper bag.    
  • Use soap and water to clean your cart. Pour dirty water onto grass or gravel, not down the storm drain.

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