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Conflict Resolution Courses

What is the nature of conflict? What are our instincts doing to us to keep us from resolving our differences?  How can we communicate more constructively during conflict? These questions are answered in our interactive workshops where participants explore topics such as why communication breaks down, how we can build better relationships, and how to express emotions appropriately.  

For information on upcoming trainings, contact the Dispute Resolution Center at 503-526-2523 or

Location:       Beaverton Building Council Chambers, 12725 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR 97005
Dates:            September 7,  September 14, and September 27
             9 am to 12 pm
Cost:              Free 
Registration: Register online

Understanding the Nature of Conflict

September 7 
Conflicts occur when people disagree over their values, motivations, perceptions, ideas or desires. This interactive workshop looks at how conflicts can cause breakdowns in communication and hurt relationships. We will explore the nature of conflict and the instinctual and neurobiological conditions that keep conflicts from getting resolved.

Dealing with Angry Customers

September 14 
Many of us work with customers or the general public over the phone and/or face-to-face. At times when conflict emerges, we may feel attacked or insulted by the other person’s words or behavior. This workshop will help participants understand and manage our instinctual defensiveness and explore how to have more productive conversations in the heat of the moment. Instead of reacting, participants will practice how to slow down responses, replace defensive statements with questions, use appropriate tone, and reframe the conversation to deescalate the conflict and have more effective outcomes.

Negotiating with Emotional Intelligence

September 27
This workshop will focus on the role of emotional intelligence in successfully negotiating desired outcomes. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand, express, and maintain good social relationships to guide our thinking towards solving problems under pressure. Participants will practice navigating complicated situations by eliciting constructive engagement from people who might not otherwise cooperate.  

Mediation Skills

For Managers, Supervisors, and Leads

What can we do about conflict in the workplace? How can we communicate more constructively in the heat of the moment? What techniques can be used to help a difficult conversation go more smoothly? How can we more effectively support employees experiencing conflict with others? These questions are discussed in our highly interactive two-day Mediation Skills for Managers, Supervisors and Leads. This training is focused on government and non-profit employment sectors.

Location:  Beaverton City Hall, Tualatin River Room #334 12725 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR 97005
Dates:      September 13 and 20 (16 hours total)
Time:       9 am to 4 pm
Cost:        $250 — Make checks payable to: 
                Dispute Resolution Center, 
                City of Beaverton 
                12725 SW Millikan Way 
                Beaverton, OR 97005

Registration: Register online at or call (503) 526-2523

Course Topics:

  • Common sources of workplace conflict
  • Instinctual response to conflict
  • Conflict response styles
  • Personal qualities of a mediator
  • Positions and interests
  • Listening skills
  • Open–ended questions
  • Stages of workplace mediation
  • Special issues in mediation

Workshop Reviews

This was THE BEST training I have been to in a long while.  The opportunities to role play with the “experts” was fantastic.

It was such a good training. Inspirational.

Everything our instructor taught was very applicable in both our work life and personal life. I found it valuable to learn how to "hold my ground" and to ask questions that get the point across w/o sounding offensive.


The Dispute Resolution Center has a commitment to teach community members about effective collaboration, group decision-making, and the nature, management and resolution of conflict, which is part of our everyday lives. We give talks and offer custom trainings to professional organizations, homeowners associations, clubs, neighborhood associations, manufactured dwelling parks, business groups, schools, etc. Please give us a call at (503) 526-2523 if we can be of service.