Beaverton International Celebration

Applications are now open for organizations, artists, performers, and musicians to participate in the Beaverton International Celebration and share with attendees as we celebrate our community’s racial/ethnic diversity. We will also have space available for some groups to provide short workshops to attendees throughout the event. This can include workshops on dance, arts, crafts, or food making.

To Register go to participant application form.

This year, the Beaverton International Celebration is part of National Welcoming Week, an annual series of events that bring together immigrant and U.S.-born residents in a spirit of unity. Beaverton will celebrate Welcoming Week from Sept. 15-24, 2017 with a series of activities that strengthen relationships and cross-cultural understanding. The full calendar of events will be available at:

The Beaverton International Celebration is a free, fun, family-friendly event showcasing our many cultures through music, dance, interactive activities, food, art and more!

2016 Event Host

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