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Housing in Beaverton
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Current Quarter

Foreclosure Filings: 160 (Q1 2014-Realtytrac) 

Current Quarter

Foreclosure Auctions: 28
 (Q1 2014-Realtytrac)
Beaverton Solutions
 Current Quarter Housing
Units Sold: 415
(Q1 2014-RMLS)

  arrCDBG Funds Awarded to Beaverton: $551,016

The City of Beaverton is a first tier suburb of Portland, Oregon. The community has many strengths including quick access to area interstates, diverse population, low cost-of-living, great schools, low unemployment, and serves as one of the employment and retail centers of Washington County. However, the City is also experiencing some problems typically associated with first tier suburbs including the depletion of developable land, traffic congestion, aging infrastructure, and rising social needs.

The population of the city has grown nearly 1,432 percent from 6,000 residents in 1960 to 91,935 people in 2013. Many who have grown up in the city have watched Beaverton transform from a rural farming community to the sixth largest city in the State of Oregon. Beaverton now boasts a diverse variety of ethnic and racial communities, a broad range of income levels, and a multiplicity of lifestyle choices among its residents. The diversity can be seen in the housing choices that are currently available to Beaverton residents.

Today, the city supports several mobile home parks, building types that combine live and work functions, assisted living facilities for seniors, row housing, single-detached homes for families, and subsidized apartments for low-income households requiring financial assistance. In moving into Beaverton, a new resident may opt for a condominium in Downtown, a bungalow in the suburbs, or a ranch home in one of the city’s rural areas. This variety of housing preference is a direct reflection of the city’s diverse population-designated to be one of the most diverse communities within the State of Oregon.

Ensuring that the city has sufficient housing supply to meet the financial, cultural, and lifestyle needs of its residents is an ongoing challenge. The city has already begun the process to understand what housing is in place and what additional housing will be needed in the near and distant future via the City’s Community Vision and Civic Plan processes. The city is currently in the process of updating the Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan in order to reexamine the city’s housing needs and desired goals.

Annual Action Plan, 2013
The City of Beaverton’s Housing and Community Services Program implements the housing and community goals outlined in the 2010-2015 Consolidated Plan, Volume 1 and Volume 2. For a full description of the current year’s activities, please view the 2013 Projects and Activities Program Overview or review the 2013 Action Plan.

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