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The Round
Renaming the South Office Building
The naming survey has concluded, thank you for participating! The results from the survey will be presented to the Mayor and City Council and will help inform their decision in the building’s name.

Plans for the new public outdoor space at the South Plaza at The Round were unveiled to City Council on Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

Rendering of public plaza with art at The Round Landscape rendering of public space at The Round

Rendered image of Beaverton Creekside District developmentThe proposed ScanlanKemperBard purchase of the lots and buildings at The Round will help lead the way in the revitalization of the "Creekside District," which is part of the Beaverton Civic Plan.

What are the benefits of buying the Coldwell Banker Building?

Why pay $8.65 million for an office building?

Comparative analysis illustrates purchasing the Coldwell Banker Building for the Central Plant will save the city spending $13.3 million in obligated lease payments. These payments go away if the city owns, rather than leases the building. The $13.3 million is $4.7 million greater than the cost of the building!

The balance the city is owed from previous developers will be settled by ScanlanKemperBard.

What would it cost to replace the Coldwell Banker Building, or South Office Building, at The Round?

What is the value of the Central Plant property and assets?
  • Replacement Cost new (RCN) = $6,975,000
  • Market Value in Continued Use (MViCU) = $3,925,000

Video courtesy of KOIN Local 6 News

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