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Armed Forces Banner Program

The Armed Forces Banner Program was initiated by the City of Beaverton to honor and recognize Beaverton’s military personnel.

To qualify, honorees must meet the following requirements:
  • Active duty military personnel of the United States Armed Forces
  • Current Beaverton resident (or has an immediate family member who is a Beaverton resident)

The cost: The program began with seed money from the City, however its long-term success will depend upon community support through business donations and sponsorships. The number of applications approved for banners will be limited by the availability of funds.

Applications: As an ongoing program, applications will be accepted anytime.
sample Armed Forces Program Banner Installation:  Banners will be installed quarterly: April, July, September and January. Timing of the banner installation and removal will be at the City’s discretion. A follow-up letter will notify the applicant of the week of banner installation. Banner display will be evaluated on a yearly basis based on condition of the banner or until the service member is honorably discharged from the military. Upon removal, the banner will be given to the honoree or family.

View Sample Banner

Video Transcript (PDF)

Banner Recipients:
  • Alexander Kinney
  • David Brodowicz
  • Antonio Gonzalez
  • Lane Miller
  • Arthur Money
  • Justin Nees
  • Joel Simmons
  • Timothy Smith
  • Jeffrey Tedrick
  • Keith A Doran
  • Chris Verlinden
  • Brandon Beovich
  • Danny R Ackley
  • Justin L Garmon
  • Matthew A McBride
  • Beau D McNeff
  • Grant S Meyer
  • Kenneth C Money
  • Michael J Soares
  • Jamin Striplin
  • Nicholas Hittner
  • Nicholas Newberry
  • John Lindsay
  • Seth Darling
  • Joseph Keenan
  • Trevor M. McDonald
  • Ben Kramer
  • Joseph Schuler
  • Casey Schaufler
  • Cuong Quach
  • Joshua Midwin
  • Daniel S Gottwald
  • Stephen R Haley
  • Thomas N Amano
  • Punahele M Hier
  • Barry J Mooyman-Beck
  • Alexander J Rider 
  • Concepcion L Rodelo
  • Carsten Stoeckler
  • Christopher Stoeckler
  • Kevan Stoeckler
  • Hoanhson V. Ho
  • Michael D. Hall
  • Sarah M. Deckert
  • Tyler S. Haines
  • Elizabeth A. Weddle
  • Jessica L. Johnston
  • Jennifer L. Elzinga-Swedlow
  • Jay L. Yang
  • Erik Herzig
  • Scott Feeback
  • Evan Hittle
  • Cody Dickey
  • Stephanie Houser
  • Travis J Huffman
  • David W Constantine
  • Dylan T Henson-Bonife
  • Daniel P Schultz
  • George D Schulz
  • Michael A Seed
  • Bradley J Sepe
  • Henry H Taylor IV
  • Mathew R Weivoda
  • Michael E Whitaker
  • Torieka Brown
  • Brian Parker
  • Neil Fiegenbaum
  • Michael Curtin
  • Bailey Berg
  • Mark Henricksen
  • Jacob Karns
  • John W. O'Keeffe
  • Blaise Apliando
  • Thomas J Battles
  • Nathan Z Bice
  • John A Farmer
  • Christopher R Frost
  • James A Gibbens
  • John E Filar
  • Aaron D Joseph
  • Kristen M Sepe
  • David R Shepherd
  • Zachery M Sigler
  • Kevin E Thomas
  • Raymond C Wettstein

The program is made possible by generous donations from citizens and the following businesses:
  • Biamp
  • Beaverton Police Association
  • Leupold & Stevens
  • Electrochem Solutions
  • Beaverton Veteran's Memorial
  • Bill Rice
  • Debra Callendar
  • Emma Jane Henderson
  • Marvin Doty
  • Daughters of the American Revolution