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Commercial Organics / Food Scrap Collection
Welcome to Beaverton Composts!

Did you know that each year Beaverton-area restaurants, grocery stores, commercial kitchens, manufacturers and food distributors send over 7 million pounds of food waste to the landfill?

The Beaverton Composts program offers a greener alternative that converts food scraps (vegetables, fruits, meats, bones, dairy products and bread) into valuable energy and compost. Commercial organics / food scrap collection is a paid service offered by your hauler. City of Beaverton staff will provide your business with free internal collection containers, posters, training and other technical assistance. Also, City staff will help identify local food donation opportunities for edible foods (bulk food items, canned and packaged items, commercially baked goods, dairy products and eggs, desserts and sweets, fresh produce, frozen goods, menu entrees and prepared items and meats) when applicable.

Join the Beaverton Composts program and improve our earth while supporting local businesses' bottom line! To learn more, see the links below.

Sign Up Your Business Today

It’s easy to start composting and become part of the cycle:
  1. Schedule a site visit with the City of Beaverton at (503) 526-2460 or fill out this contact form.
  2. Contact your garbage hauler to sign up for commercial organics / food scrap collection service.   
  3. Set up internal collection containers, posters and train your staff.    
  4. Start composting!

More Information

Uwajimaya photo.jpg

 Great job!
Uwajimaya Asian Grocery Store eagerly joined Beaverton Composts last November! They have been doing an outstanding job collecting their food scraps! The manager, Warren Huch, says the employees are excited to see how much of their waste is going to better uses. Become part of the cycle today!