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Beaverton Composts
Welcome to the Beaverton Composts! Programlove food hate waste
Did you know that each year Beaverton-area restaurants, grocery stores, commercial kitchens, manufacturers and food distributors send over seven million pounds of food waste to the landfill? Beaverton Composts! is a new collaboration between the City of Beaverton, garbage and recycling haulers, commercial composters and food-related businesses which offers a greener alternative that converts vegetables, meats, food-soiled paper and other organics materials into valuable, nutrient-rich compost. Join the Beaverton Composts! Program and improve our earth while supporting local businesses bottom line.

Sign Up Your Business for Composting Today
It’s easy to set up your program and become part of the cycle in four steps:
  1. Schedule a meeting with the City of Beaverton’s Composting Specialist at (503) 526-2460 or fill out this contact form.
  2. Set up composting service with your hauler.
  3. Train your staff.
  4. Start composting!

Additional Information
For a simple introduction to Beaverton’s commercial composting program, explore the resources listed below.

Oregon Food Bank

Oregon Food Bank
 is dedicated to feeding hungry people and animals with food donations, which is even a better choice than composting! However, OFB will sometimes have spoiled food and food-soiled papers which they compost. Volunteer Coordinator, Kyle Hummel, says “just having the option and resources to compost will help impact the food bank for years to come.” Become part of the cycle!