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Previous Winners
2015 Winners
Mayor Denny Doyle announced the winners of Beaverton’s “If I Were Mayor...” contest during the Beaverton City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 5, 2015. This is the seventh year the City of Beaverton participated in the contest sponsored by the Oregon Mayors Association. The Beaverton winner in each category received a $50 Visa gift card and will go on to compete in the statewide competition for an iPad Air tablet.

Charlotte Balcher Getting the Certificate
4-5 Grade Poster Contest: Charlotte Balcher
Jennifer is in the 4 grade at Nancy Ryles Elementary School.  Charlotte’s poster portrayed clean streets, clean water, neighborhood carnivals, senior centers, public restrooms and a balanced budget.   The post competition was open to 4 and 5 grade students

See the poster

Middle School Student Essay Contest: Elijah Singleton

Elijah Singleton Gets Certificate Elijah is in the 6 grade at the International School of Beaverton. Elijah’s essay offered suggestions for making Beaverton greener and feeding the homeless.  He also suggested a contest where the winner would be mayor for the day.   The essay contest was open to 6 – 8grade students.

Read the essay

Congratulations to our 2015 “If I Were Mayor…” Contest winners!

2015 Contest

2014 Winners
Beaverton is excited to announce that Nandini Naidu, now a freshman at Valley Catholic High School, has won first place in the statewide Oregon Mayors Association's (OMA) "If I Were Mayor…" contest. Nandini was our local essay contest winner. "Nandini winning this contest confirms what I'm always thinking—Beaverton is home to some of the most talented students in the state," said Mayor Denny Doyle. "She's an inspirational young lady and we're proud of her statewide win." Nandini was recognized at the September 9 City Council meeting (pictured below) where she received a certificate and the first-place prize, a new iPad Air. The state-level competition was judged by members of the OMA Board of Directors. More than 30 cities participated in this year’s contest at the local level, with 52 entries forwarded to the state-level contest. Congratulations to Nandini!

statewide winnerstatewide winner

2014 If I Were Mayor... Contest

Mayor Denny Doyle announced the winners of Beaverton’s “If I Were Mayor...” contest during the Beaverton City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 6, 2014. This is the sixth year the City of Beaverton participated in the contest sponsored by the Oregon Mayors Association for students in fourth grade through high school. The Beaverton winner in each category received a $50 Visa gift card and will go on to compete in the statewide competition for an iPad Air tablet.

4-5 Grade Poster Contest: Jennifer Mende
Jennifer is in the 5th grade at Jacob Wismer Elementary School Jennifer’s poster portrayed a healthy, friendly and clean Beaverton.

View Jennifer's poster

Poster contest winner Jennifer Mende with Mayor Doyle

Middle School Student Essay Contest: Nandini Naidu
Nandini is in the 8th grade at Valley Catholic Middle School. Nandini’s essay outlined a peaceful and harmonious Beaverton. Her hope was to make Beaverton more business friendly, family-friendly and eco-friendly. 

Read Nandini's essay

2014 Essay winner Nandini Naidu with Mayor Doyle

High School Video Contest: Katie Li
Katie is in the 11th grade at Sunset High School. Katie’s video asked for later school start times so youth would be more focused and not fall asleep in class. She also included a Beaverton Planting Day.

2014 Video contest winner Katie Li with Mayor Doyle

Congratulations to our 2014 “If I Were Mayor…” Contest winners!

2013 Winners

4-6 Grade Poster Contest: Ruth Larabee
Ruth Larabee is the poster contest winner. Ruth is in the 6th grade and home schooled by her mom, Gail Larabee. Ruth’s poster promoted Ruth’s poster promoted a friendly, clean and healthy community.
4-6 Grade Poster Contest - Winner is Ruth Larabee

Middle School Student Essay Contest: Sabrina Wu
Sabrina, is the essay contest winner. Sabrina is in the 7th grade at Stoller Middle School. According to Sabrina’s essay if she was Mayor, she would: increase the school budget and not cut school days; increase programs and shelters for homeless students and families; create more community gardens to create more oxygen through plants; add more hiking and biking trails to promote exercise; and, increase the use of reusable shopping bags to minimize ocean pollution.

Middle School Essay Contest Winner Sabrina Wu

2012 Winners
4-6 Grade Poster Contest: Jacquelyn Molloseau
Jacquelyn Molloseau is the poster contest winner. Jacquelyn is in 4th grade at William Walker Elementary School. Jacquelyn's poster promoted a city with more after-school activities full of science.
Jacquelyn Molloseau
High School Student Video Contest: Lindsay Overhage
Lindsay is the video contest winner. Lindsay is in 10th grade at Westview High School. Lindsay is also a very active member of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board. Lindsay’s video focused on sustainable measure to improve Beaverton.
Lindsay Overhage

2011 Winners
Marisa-Padilla.jpg4-6 Grade Poster Contest: Marisa Padilla
Marisa Padilla is the poster contest winner. Marisa just completed the 5th grade at Ridgewood Elementary School.
Marisa’s poster promoted a city with:
  • more exercise
  • increased recycling and carpooling
  • an emphasis on green projects to keep Beaverton clean and sustainable
Daniel7-8 Grade Essay Contest: Daniel Tailor
Daniel Tailor is the essay contest winner. Daniel just completed the 7th grade at Beaverton’s Health and Science School.
Daniel’s essay included ideas such as:
  • uniforms in school
  • requiring solar panels on buildings
  • a portion of business taxes to pay for food banks
Shivani-Negi.jpg High School and College Student Video Contest: Shivani Negi
Shivani is the video contest winner. Shivani just completed the 10th grade at Jesuit High School. Shivani’s video focused on homeless youth in Beaverton. In the end, Shivani’s message was for Beaverton to have a call to action to stop funding cuts to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, which supports low-income families with children while they strive to become self-sufficient.

2010 Winners
Essay Contest Winner: Ally Heueisen
Ally just completed the eighth grade at Palace of Praise Academy. Ally’s essay included such ideas as:
  • Creating programs to take care of those less fortunate through donations
  • Focusing on and appreciating the environment by building more parks and community gardens
  • Improving public mobility by building bus stops that don’t impede traffic
Ally Heueisen and Mayor Doyle

Video Contest Winner: Yamini Naidu
Yamini just completed the ninth grade at Valley Catholic High School. Yamini’s video focused on traffic congestion and cleaning up the City’s methamphetamine-related crimes.

In the end, Yamini’s message was about government transparency and the importance of working together to solve City issues.

Yamini Naidu and Mayor Doyle
Grade 4-6 Poster Winner: Abigail Lue
Abigail Lue just completed the sixth grade at the Arts and Communication Magnet Academy. Abigail’s poster portrayed:
  • Increased affordable housing
  • In-home living assistance for the elderly
  • Large greenspaces
  • Recycling centers
  • Soup kitchens with extended hours every day
  • The arrival of biodiesel cars to the community

All of these are services Abigail believes our community needs.
Abigail Lue and Mayor Doyle