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City Code / Charter
About the Beaverton City Code
The Beaverton City Code took effect August 1, 1982; it was formally enacted as Ordinance No. 3301 on November 15, 1982. The general ordinances of the City were repealed and the substantive provisions were consolidated in this code, with the exception of ordinances relating to land use and the Comprehensive Plan. Land use ordinances are consolidated in the Development Code of the City of Beaverton, Ordinance No. 2050.

The City Attorney’s Office is responsible for overseeing the codification of the Beaverton City Code. We currently contract through the League of Oregon Cities and with the American Legal Publishing Corporation for our annual codification services. Ordinances are codified annually.

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Obtaining Specific Ordinances
To obtain a specific ordinance you should contact the Beaverton City Recorder’s Office at (503) 526-2497. If a particular Beaverton Code section is being relied upon, it is suggested that you give the Beaverton City Recorder’s Office a call to ensure new ordinances have not amended or repealed the particular section.

You may also preview hard copies of the City’s code at the Beaverton City Library, Washington County Law Library, Lewis and Clark Law Library, and the Multnomah County Law Library.

Note: In the text of the City code, a number of references to Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) provisions are cited. You will find the text of the ORS provisions at the Oregon State Legislature website.

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