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Beaverton Central Plant
Cost-Effective, Energy-Efficient Services
Max Station
Beaverton Central Plant
George Portwood
On-Site Service Manager

The Beaverton Round
12725 SW Millikan Way
Suite 110
Beaverton, OR  97005

Ph: (503) 626-4040

Designed as a highly efficient heating and cooling system to deliver services to over one million square feet, the Beaverton Central Plant provides cost-effective space conditioning and domestic hot water to the entire Round development area. Future services are expected to include lighting control and air quality monitoring and management.

Plant Goals
  • Provide reliable space conditioning and long-term stable pricing to all those connected to the Beaverton Central Plant
  • Promote plant and system energy efficiency to lessen the impact on energy resources and the environment
  • Promote system expansion, lower system development costs, and encourage economic development
  • Provide a positive net contribution to the City's general fund

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