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Beaverton Arts Commission Board
Arts Commission Board
2015 Beaverton Arts Commission


Elaine Worden 
Beaverton Arts Commission

Agenda & Minutes
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Mailing List—Agenda & Minutes

About the Beaverton Arts Commission
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About the Arts Commission Board
  • Board Membership: There are up to 15 members. Terms of office shall be for one to three calendar years, with a total of not more than six years. Beaverton residency required. You can use our Boards and Commissions Membership Application to apply for an opening.
  • Residency Requirement: The Charter for the City of Beaverton, Chapter V, Section 19, C.2., provides that: "Unless waived by a majority vote of the entire council, a member of any committee, board or commission shall be a resident of the City."
  • Mission of the Beaverton Arts Commission (BAC) is to enhance, unite, and celebrate our diverse community through art. The BAC does this by advocating for the arts; supporting city arts events and programs; spreading the mission of the BAC at outside events and gatherings; advising staff and City Council on arts-related issues; and, volunteering their time to serve on the BAC board and other project sub-committees.
  • Meetings: All members are expected to attend all meetings; serve in a leadership position at some point during tenure on the Board; advocate for the Commission at City Council and city budget meetings and participate in the Commission's committees or task forces; and, attend city arts events and support city art programs. Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in Beaverton City Hall.
  • Materials/Activities: All members are expected to read all of the materials related to their meetings and participate in events and activities to the extent required.
  • Time Commitment: All members should be willing to dedicate many hours of preparation and meeting time each year for the Commission’s meetings and activities.
  • Board Terms: Terms begin on January 1. Deadline to apply for the board occurs annually in early October.
  • Beaverton Arts Commission Bylaws (PDF)