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Creative Expression Contest
Contest Artwork 2015 Creative Expression Contest is now closed.
Awards will be given at the May 12, 2015 City Council Meeting. The meeting will be at The Beaverton Building starting at 6:30 pm. Reception will be at 6:00 pm.

Judgment Criteria
Winning entries will show a comprehensive understanding of human rights issues (discrimination, inclusion, etc.) in a creative and original style. Participants must attend classes or be home-schooled in the Beaverton area. Entries may be submitted by an individual, in small groups, or by an entire class, but only one award will be presented per entry.

2015 Elementary School Winners
Winner: "What A Wonderful World" by Annabelle McCaffery from Arco Iris Spanish Immersion Charter School, 5 grade

What a Wonderful World

Runner up: "In the Rain" by Nina Takahashi from
Hiteon Elementary School, 5 grade

In the Rain
Runner-up: “Human Rights for All!” by Mrs. Krueger’s fifth grade class Scholls Heights Elementary School

Human Rights for All!

2015 Middle School Winners

Winner: "Human Rights" by Mackenzie Hohbach from Cedar Park Middle School, 6 grade

Human Rights

Runner up: “Our Rights Define Us” by Elizabeth
Nangle from International School of Beaverton,
7 grade

Our Rights Define Us
Runner-up: “Multilingual Rights” by Julia
Takahashi from Conestoga Middle School,
7 grade

Multilingual Rights

2015 High School Winners
Winner: “Speak About the Nation of Iraq” by Fatimah Alsammarraie from Beaverton High School, 10 grade
Speak About the Nation of Iraq

Runner-up: “Equality” by Grace Potter

Runner-up: “Iraq Story” by Mohammed Ahmead from Beaverton High School, 11 grade

Iraq Story
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