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What's happening in Beaverton?

Why every action matters!

Better Buildings Challenge Beaverton

See the recent announcement from The President of the 2014 Climate Assessment report, produced by more than 300 experts, which summarizes the effects of climate change on the United States, now and in the future.

Beaverton’s sustainability work is at the forefront of the Better Buildings Challenge a program initiated by the Department of Energy. See the recent article at Today's Facility Manager.

The President is challenging CEOs, University Presidents, state and local government leaders, building owners, and multifamily organizations to commit their organizations to lead in saving energy, saving money, and showcasing the best energy saving strategies and their results. Partners commit to an energy savings pledge, a showcase building, and to share their progress. See Beaverton’s showcase project.

Energy Map and Carbon Wedge Analysis by New Energy Cities
City of Beaverton collaborated with New Energy Cities to calculate what it would take to reach an 80 percent greenhouse gas reduction goal below current levels by 2050. To analyze this New Cities created what’s called an Energy Map, depicting the community’s sources and uses of energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, based on utility and transportation data. The map is a great communication tool showing a complicated energy system on a single page.

A Carbon Wedge Analysis was also developed, which estimated the GHG reduction potential associated with important existing laws outside of the city’s control, such as the federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard, the state renewable portfolio standard, and a state clean fuel standard. The Carbon Wedge also calculates  approximate GHG reduction potential associated with different scenarios of community action. Check out their blog on this project with links to the visuals.

Beaverton Supports Green Power We Support Renewalbel Power As Oregonians, we are committed to being stewards of the environment. By making a commitment to renewable power, we are joining more than 99,000 households and businesses who are already demonstrating their environmental stewardship. Together, we are supporting the development of more new renewable sources of electricity, and over time changing the way that power is generated.

We are proud of doing our part. We are the first city to buy 100 percent of our electricity from the PGE Renewable Power Program. Read the full press release.

By purchasing renewable energy from PGE, we are joining other customers in avoiding more than 1 billion pounds of carbon dioxide being put into our regional system annually. This is the equivalent of taking more than 134,000 cars off the road for one year.

If you’d like to join us or just learn more about what you can do in your home, visit

Check out the video with a PGE tech climbing 262 feet into the air, showing you the view from the top of a wind turbine.

Learn more at:
Beaverton opts to purchase all city energy through PGE Renewable Power Program

Beaverton becomes first Oregon city powered entirely by renewable energy offsets

Beaverton shows its commitment to resilient cities

By being a signatory to the Resilient Communities for America Agreement, a national campaign that will mobilize hundreds of U.S. local elected officials—mayors, county executives, city council members, etc.—who pledge to create more resilient cities, towns, and counties, built to overcome our nation’s extreme weather, energy, and economic challenges. Local governments have long been the leaders on climate action and sustainability, and they have the ability to take effective, wide-ranging local actions to prepare for climate change impacts, improve local energy independence, renew America’s infrastructure, and strengthen their economies in the process.

The centerpiece of the campaign is the Resilient Communities for America Agreement (PDF), a document that local elected officials will sign to formalize their commitment.

Walking Map
Downtown Walking Map is available online and at the following locations. Check out the sustainability destinations around town!

Federal Officials Visit Beaverton
On February 14, 2013, the City of Beaverton hosted a “Revitalization Roundtable” to discuss how the community can work in partnership with regional entities, the state, key federal agencies, the private sector, and other stakeholders to support local businesses, attract new jobs, create entrepreneurial opportunities, boost advanced manufacturing, encourage sustainability, and add value to Beaverton’s economy.

This Roundtable included top officials from the White House and federal agencies, such as Mathy Stanislaus, EPA’s Assistant Administrator, Jay Williams, the White House Deputy Director for Intergovernmental Affairs, EPA brownfields and land revitalization officials, as well as key officials from other federal state and regional agencies and key private sector, community, environmental, and local government stakeholders. See Beaverton Valley Times article about the event.

Beaverton Joins the Earth Hour City Challenge
The City of Beaverton joined the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour City Challenge—a competition among cities to prepare for climate change and promote renewable energy. The City was encouraged by many residents to join the challenge and seize the opportunity to share our sustainability efforts internationally. 

The Earth Hour City Challenge is a global competition, with 26 cities competing nationally, and Beaverton was fortunate to be recently highlighted as a ‘challenger’ for their accomplishments! 

To read the article and learn more about the challenge, visit the WWF’s Meet the Challenger website

Beaverton Nationally Recognized at US Mayors' Conference
Video (Video Transcript)
Mayor Denny Doyle’s Sustainability Division has been selected as the nation’s top winner in the 2012 Mayors’ Climate Protection Awards, an initiative sponsored by The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) and Walmart. The annual awards program recognizes mayors for innovative practices in their cities that increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Beaverton received first place for its Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Solar Beaverton Program and efforts to promote low carbon lifestyles, energy efficiency and security, health and well-being, and ecosystem stewardship. For more information visit the US Mayor’s website

KOIN News 6 Story with Alexis Del Cid
Video (Video Transcript)

Beaverton Commits to US Department of Energy's Better Buildings Challenge
The City of Beaverton has joined the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge and committed its facilities to a 20% reduction in building energy use by 2020. The Better Buildings Challenge is a national leadership initiative calling on organizations to make significant commitments to energy efficiency. Beaverton is the first city of its size to join and plans to partner with local businesses and organizations in this effort. For more information visit the Better Buildings Challenge program website. 

Beaverton is a Green Power Leader 
Beaverton is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an elite Green Power Partner who demonstrates exemplary environmental leadership, by supporting renewable energy. Beaverton was awarded membership to the 2012 Green Power Leadership Club by the U.S. EPA, because the City purchases green power offsets for 100% of its city building's energy use. The City of Beaverton is the only local government in Oregon to receive this designation. For more information on the Green Power Leadership Club see EPA Green Power Partnership. 

Affiliated Organizations
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