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  • Potable water is clean enough to drink. Drinking water for Beaverton residents comes from a variety of sources. Water distribution is provided by: 
  • Gray water is domestic waste water that drains from plumbing fixtures other than toilets.
  • Black water is domestic waste water that drains from toilets and urinals, but it may also include some gray water sources, depending on the code.
  • Rainwater harvesting is the act of collecting and storing precipitation for landscape watering, toilet flushing, and other uses. Cisterns and rain barrels are storage devices commonly used to store harvested rainwater.

Use / Conservation
We need to use water wisely once we receive it. There are several choices regarding fixtures, appliances, and applications available that can reduce or virtually eliminate water use in comparison to traditional options.

When water flows down a drain, pipe, ditch, or creek or seeps into the soil it carries with it the materials that are intentionally or unintentionally mixed with it.

Wastewater comes from building pipes, which may include rain, gray, or black water depending on source and contents. Runoff includes rainfall, snowmelt, or other sources of water that runs off hard surfaces instead of seeping into the ground.