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Fair Housing in Beaverton
Family in Front of HomeFair Housing Analysis of Impediments
The last Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing and Action Plan (Al) was completed in 2004. Currently the City is partnering with the Washington County Office of Community Development to develop a new Al. A Fair Housing Workgroup has been convened to help draft the plan, and the group meets the 4th Wednesday of each month to work on the plan. To receive emails regarding plan updates, meetings and agendas, please call (503) 526-2533.

Audit Testing
The City of Beaverton has begun partnering with Fair Housing Council of Oregon (FHCO) to audit available rental units for housing discrimination. The National Fair Housing Alliance reports that 99% of fair housing violations go unreported each year. As a result, complaint data doesn’t present a full picture of what may be occurring in a community.

To help inform outreach and education as well as raise community awareness, the City was one of the first municipalities in Oregon to partner with FHCO to gather additional data through audit testing.

Fair Housing Training
The City of Beaverton partners with local organizations to bring fair housing training opportunities to our community throughout the year. Dates for 2011 have not currently been scheduled but will be posted soon.

If you would like to request a type of training or share ideas regarding ways to share fair housing information in our community, please call the Beaverton Housing Hotline at (503) 526-2488.