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Traffic Alerts
On this page you will find key traffic closure or delay information within the City of Beaverton and in selected areas around Beaverton.
2014 Summer Resurfacing Projects

Street Name From Street To Street Schedule
SW 3rd St SW Main Ave SW Watson Ave August 25th - 28th
SW 4th St EOP SW Watson Ave August 25th - 28th
SW Angel Ave SW 2nd St SW 5th Street August 25th - 28th
SW Main Ave SW 2nd St SW 5th St August 25th - 28th
SW Watson Ave SW 5th St SW 12TH ST August 25th - 28th
SW 5th St SW Western Ave SW Maple Ave Sept. 8th - 11th
SW Western Ave SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy SW Allen Blvd Sept. 8th - 11th
SW Cirrus Dr SW Nimbus Ave SW Hall Blvd Sept. 15th - 18th
SW Nimbus Ave SW Hall Blvd Concrete Panels Sept. 15th - 18th

2014 Aug - Paving limits map

Traffic Delay Notification for Street Maintenance Project
The Street Maintenance Section of Beaverton’s Public Works Department enhances public safety through the preservation of city streets. The city will be performing pavement resurfacing overlay on the streets highlighted on the map below. Resurfacing streets, rather than allowing them to deteriorate, allows the city to save tax dollars (overlays are much less expensive than costly rebuilds). Beaverton inspects its streets regularly to determine which roads are in need of overlays.

The City of Beaverton will be profiling and repaving the streets noted below, pending weather. Work will begin at 7:00 AM and be complete no later than 6:00 PM. The intent of the City is to complete the work as quickly as possible while providing the highest possible quality. Nevertheless, the paving operation will cause occasional delays and other inconveniences.

When: August 25 - 29
  • 3rd Street (Stott Ave. to Watson Ave.)
  • 4th Street (Stott Ave. to Watson Ave.)
  • Angel Ave. (2nd Street to 5th Street)
  • Main Ave. (2nd Street to 5th Street)
  • Washington Ave. (2nd St to 3rd Street)
  • Watson Ave, (5th Street to 12th Street)

Traffic Plan:
Where: Watson Ave. (5th Street to 12th Street)
Time Frame:  9 am - 4 pm
Traffic Plan: One lane - One way

Where: All others
Time Frame:  7 am - 6 pm
Traffic Plan: Road Closed and Traffic Detoured

Aug 25 - 29 street maintenance map

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The City of Beaverton provides the foregoing information as a public service. This information is collected from other sources and cannot be guaranteed as to accuracy or timeliness.