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City of Beaverton's Native Plant of the Month
Brought to you by the City of Beaverton Landscape and Urban Forestry Crew

Why Go Native?

Arbor Day Pat with Kids
  Arborist Pat Hoff teaches about Native Trees
Native plants and trees need less water and chemicals than non-native species, are more resistant to pests and diseases, and also attract birds, butterflies and other beneficial wildlife to your yard.  Simultaneously, they also reduce erosion and protect water quality.  Help keep our rivers clean and watershed healthy by planting a native on your property. The City’s commitment to bringing native species to Beaverton has been growing over many years.  To continue promoting native species, the City's Public Works department will highlight a native plant each month for home and business owners to consider when working outdoors.  Keep in mind; it is the home and business owners’ responsibility to maintain street trees located within the right-of-way adjacent to their properties.

Vine MappleBeaverton's Native Plant of the Month: Vine Maple

Common Name: Vine Maple
Binomial Name: Acer circinatum
Soil Type: well- drained, fairly moist soil
Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade
Plant Type: Large shrub to small tree
Foliage: Deciduous

Vine maples are native to forest understories and along stream banks, but can also be found out in the open. They usually grow vine like, crooked, and sprawled out in forest settings with multiple stems but stay fairly symmetrical out in the open. Reaching anywhere from 6 to 35 feet tall it is considered a large shrub to small tree. In the autumn the vine maple displays red, orange, and yellow colored leaves which makes it a very attractive addition to any yard.

This Native Plant of the Month has been brought to you by the City of Beaverton’s Landscape and Urban Forestry Department.  Visit Clean Water Service’s Native Plant Finder for interactive questions to help you find the right native plant to fit your needs!

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