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Mayor DoyleLetter to the Budget Committee & the Citizens of Beaverton

As required by Chapter 294 of Oregon Revised Statutes and Chapter V, Section 19 subsection H of the Beaverton City Charter, I submitted, and the City Council approved, the city's budget for Fiscal Year 2013-14. It is the 120th Anniversary of Beaverton and we are very proud to continue and evolve the traditions of local governance for the community.

Local governments often enter recessions late and exit later than the general economy. Beaverton’s revenue trends are up over the past year. New construction and related fees are increasing but property value appreciation from this enhanced level of activity is still not producing sufficient income to match the demand for services. Overall, Beaverton and Washington County remain an enviable place to live, work, play, serve and govern.

This is the fifth year of my administration, and we prepared a quality budget document for the Budget Committee, City Council and the citizens of Beaverton. The budget focuses on implementation of the goals and vision of the city and especially reflects the award-winning efforts of the Beaverton Community Visioning Program that involved more than 5,000 citizens over several years. Last year we received high marks for noting progress on the Visioning Program’s Action Plans appearing in nearly every program in the budget. The budget reflects our continuing enhanced law enforcement and citizen safety activities, maintaining the city’s stable financial position, expanding the public’s understanding and involvement in our city government, enhancing city sustainability efforts, expanding business assistance, retention and attraction, providing excellent customer service to Beaverton citizens, and continuing the key elements of my 10-Point Plan that began in FY 2010-11. This is a goal-oriented, fiscally conservative budget pursuing an ambitious set of goals with all of our fiscal, physical and people resources. The Budget Committee contributed to our stable financial environment by asking that the property tax levy rate remain constant for another year.

The budget continues to achieve the City Council’s long-range goals. You will find references to these goals throughout the budget document. The goals are:
  • Preserve and enhance our sense of community.
  • Use city resources efficiently to ensure long-term financial stability.
  • Continue to plan for, improve and maintain the city’s infrastructure.
  • Provide responsive, cost effective service to the community.
  • Assure a safe and healthy community.
  • Manage growth and respond to change consistent with maintaining a livable, full-service city.
  • Maintain Beaverton as a regional leader in cooperative efforts with other agencies and organizations. 
  • Provide and support a highly qualified and motivated city work force.
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