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Water Conservation
Kids in PoolProtecting Our Planet
Of all the Earth’s water, 99% is salt water, frozen, or too polluted for human consumption. Only 1% of the Earth’s water is available for drinking.

We think of the Pacific Northwest as a place of abundant rainfall and plentiful water. But, think about this: our population is rapidly growing, urban areas are sprawling, our climate is changing, our summers are becoming warmer and drier, and our water demands continue to grow even though our water supply is limited. During the summer months, our region relies primarily on water stored from precipitation in storage reservoirs, rivers, or groundwater. Since the average household consumes 100-400 gallons of water per day, reducing the demand on our existing water supply will help stretch available water resources.

Free Water Gauges
Interested in receiving a free watering gauge? Contact Glen Dorsey at (503) 350-4059.

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