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Map Center
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Geographic Information Systems plays an invaluable role in Beaverton, providing maps and other services to virtually every department and agency within the City. These maps are listed here for your convenience.
  • Area Maps - Find pdf maps describing Beaverton's annexation history, city limits, neighborhoods, street maps, and vicinity
  • Commuter Maps - Find pdf maps describing Beaverton bike and commuter routes
  • Crime Maps - Link to Beaverton Police crime information
  • Emergency Management Maps - Find pdf maps describing natural hazards in Beaverton
  • Interactive Maps - Explore Beaverton with these interactive map tools
  • Land Use and Zoning Maps - Find pdf maps describing land use and zoning in Beaverton
  • Public Services Maps - Find pdf maps related to various Beaverton City services, including hauler franchises, leaf vacuuming areas, parks, public facilities, radio station coverage, street maintenance, street sweeping, tree trimming, and water service areas

A variety of maps prepared by the City