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Traffic Division
Traffic Team
Traffic Division

4755 SW Griffith Drive
P.O. Box 4755
Beaverton, OR  97076-4755

Traffic Complaint Hotline
Ph: (503) 350-4009
Ph: (503) 526-2790 TTY

The Traffic Division is responsible for all traffic-related issues within the City of Beaverton. This includes:

Traffic Enforcement Mission Statement
“The Beaverton Police Department Traffic Unit is committed to a community policing partnership to create a safer community by enforcing traffic safety laws, educating and assisting citizens in solving traffic problems, and recommending traffic engineering changes.”

Additional Information
Current Responsibilities
Historical Perspective
Motor Patrol
Traffic Officers

Additional Resources
ODOT Travel Maps/Alerts
Distracted Drivers
New Car Safety Technology

Traffic Safety Videos
Eyes Up, Ears Open
HAWK Signals

Legislative Reports
2015 Legislative Report- Photo Radar
2015 Legislative Report- Red Light