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International Sustainability Leadership (ISL) Project
The International Sustainability Leadership (ISL) Project was an exciting educational, business engagement and community development event held in Beaverton this summer. Through the ISL Project, we sought to enhance community and corporate awareness of, and connections with, our cities' global partnerships and to increase each participant’s knowledge and leadership potential for sustainable development.

2011 ISL Participants

Exploring Global Sustainability Issues

The ISL Project united 50 representatives from Beaverton and its six sister cities around the world to consider some of the most important sustainability issues of the day. For three weeks these young adults, between the ages of 18 and 24 from Germany, France, Russia, South Korea and Taiwan, converged in Beaverton to cooperatively explore important sustainability issues and to evaluate local city, corporate and community sustainability initiatives and successes from a global perspective.

Educational Content
The ISL Project curriculum focused on the development of tomorrow’s leaders in the critical field of sustainability. The aim of the ISL Project was to promote understanding and awareness of sustainability issues and solutions through exchanges among participants, technical experts and representatives of business, government and the community sector.

Covered Topics
Topics included, but were not limited to:
  • Renewable energy and energy conservation (wind, solar, and hydropower)
  • Sustainable building (design, materials, and technology)
  • Sustainable food systems (agricultural practices, local production, and consumption)
  • Sustainable transportation (electric cars, mass transit, and bicycles)
  • Waste management (recycling and composting)
  • Water management and conservation

ISL Project Activities
Learning activities included, but were not limited to:
  • Experiential learning workshops and activities
  • Group discussions with local leaders in business, governmental and community organizations, and media on aspects of a sustainable city, perceived barriers to development of sustainable practices, and strategies utilized in overcoming the barriers
  • Investigation of sustainability projects done world-wide that are available on the internet, DVDs, and other such media
  • Local and regional site visits of local sustainability projects, products and services
  • Participation in discussions, activities, and question-and-answer sessions with experts in the field of sustainability development
  • Sharing of knowledge and experiences related to sustainability development among international participants and through exchanges with businesses and organizations

Group Presentations
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