2010 Solar Beaverton Pilot

Solar Beaverton, a city-wide pilot program, was initiated to gauge the interest of our community in solar power. The goal of the program was to help 50 Beaverton homes go solar. The program lowered the cost of solar panels through bulk purchasing and taking advantage of available tax credits.

The Solar Beaverton pilot program ended enrollment on August 31, 2010, with installations completed by the end of the 2010. The program had:

  • over 400 inquires
  • 50 homeowners installed solar panel systems
  • 150 kWh of installed solar power

You can see the real time power generated from the panels installed on the 50 homes in Beaverton by checking out Solar In Action, a website created by SolarCity, our community partner and contractor for the pilot program.

Solar Beaverton generated interest in solar throughout Beaverton. Since July 2010, the total number of solar panel permit applications increased by over 1000% compared to all applications received in years prior (just two months after starting Solar Beaverton!)

Solar Beaverton helped the City earn honors such as being named a Smarter City for its energy initiatives by the Natural Resources Defense Council.