Beaverton 4 Business Awards

About the Beaverton4Business Awards

The Beaverton4Business Awards were launched in 2009 by Mayor Doyle and the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce as a way to recognize significant achievements by business with operations in Beaverton. Specifically, the awards recognize new and existing businesses that have major operations in Beaverton and have seen strong revenue growth, have created significant investment and employment in the city, or have brought other meaningful business and innovative investment to the city. Sponsored by the Economic Development Division of the City of Beaverton and the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce, the awards are a small way to show appreciation for the numerous businesses that continue to make Beaverton a world-class city in innovation, manufacturing, and high-performance industries. 

The B4B Awards are given to four (4) businesses quarterly, grouped by theme. 

  • Spring: Sustainability (environmental solution, cost/waste reduction, achievement, award, etc.) 
  • Summer: Innovation (new product launch, breakthrough, award, etc. *not limited to just technology) 
  • Fall: Entrepreneurial (successful growth, new company, small/emerging/ minority/women-owned business achievement) 
  • Winter: Economic Development Non-Profit (community achievement, involvement, etc. *must be 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), or 501(c)(6) entity) 

If you would like to nominate a business call 503-526-2456. Nominations will be accepted for all award types at any time, with the award given in the corresponding quarter.

Beaverton4Business Award Nomination Form

Congratulations to the most recent B4B winners!

The most recent Beaverton4Business awards were presented at the September 15, 2015 Beaverton City Council meeting. This quarter’s awards focused on innovation. Beaverton businesses ADAPT Training/ADAPT Advanced, Polaris Battery Labs, and UpRight Footwear, Inc. were selected.

Kirsten Cassidy, Mayor Denny Doyle and Kandice Vinson with the B4B award for ADAPT Training.ADAPT Training/ADAPT 

Advanced ADAPT Training/ADAPT Advanced offers physical therapy and innovative approaches to injuries and conditions that traditional therapies have discontinued serving. ADAPT works one-on-one with their clients to create customized programming to help achieve their goals. Whether their client wants to walk again, become more independent, move more fluidly through their environment, or become a Paralympic athlete—ADAPT helps them achieve their goals and not let their diagnosis determine when to stop trying. For more information, please visit or call 503-646-8482.

Lorraine Clarno, Doug Morris and Mayor Denny Doyle with the B4B award to Polaris Battery Labs.Polaris Battery Labs 

Polaris Battery Labs is an advanced battery prototyping business that provides the chemists and the environment for collaboration with companies developing new, better, longer-life batteries. Their lab facility has connections to manufacturers around the world targeted at shortening the idea to completion cycle. Polaris was founded in 2012 and moved to Beaverton in 2013. For more information, visit or call 971-246-5066.

Lorraine Clarno, Dr. Huma Pierce and Mayor Denny Doyle with UpRight Footware’s B4B award.UpRight Footwear, Inc. 

UpRight Footwear, Inc. has identified the need to create an innovative product to address anatomic leg length inequality. UpRight Footwear has created a product that seamlessly blends the heel lift to create a summer, hot weather or waterproof and stylish shoe. With a background in chiropractic work, Dr. Huma Pierce will be testing 10 shoes to prove their effectiveness. Investors from the footwear, orthopedic, podiatry, and/or chiropractic field are encouraged to join her and create the next innovative footwear product. For more information, please visit or email

Past Recipient Awards

(as of October 2015)
  • A & P Appliance
  • Absorbent Technologies (Zeba)
  • Act-On Software
  • Agilyx
  • Air Delights
  • Allied Power Products
  • Art On Broadway
  • Ava Roasteria
  • Avnera Corporation
  • Beaverton Bakery
  • Beaverton Sub Station
  • BlackToe Medical
  • Decarli Restaurant
  • DH Sutherland
  • Digimarc Corporation
  • EasyStreet Online Services
  • EcoBinary
  • Faithful & Gould
  • Far West Fibers, Inc.
  • Heitzman Body and Paint
  • Highland Chevron Food Market
  • ID Experts, Inc.
  • Koeber's Furniture, Carpet & Window Coverings
  • Lanphere Enterprises
  • Little Busy Bodies (Boogie Wipes)
  • Logical Position
  • Lumencor, Inc.
  • Mercer Windows
  • Micro-Power Electronics
  • ProKarma, Inc.
  • Prolifiq Software
  • Puralytics
  • Routeware, Inc.
  • Sage Real Estate and Construction
  • Shwood
  • SportsOne, Inc.
  • Vernier Software & Technology
  • Voxtel, Inc.