Natural Hazards Mitigation

Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

The City of Beaverton adopted its revised Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan on March 1, 2011, as an aid for reducing future loss of life and property resulting from natural disasters by identifying resources, information and strategies for risk reduction. The City’s plan meets the requirements of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) making the City eligible to receive federal hazard mitigation grant funds.

A Collaborative Effort

To ensure the plan remains current and relevant it is currently under review and update. We would like to continue the collaborative effort that went into the original plan and invite Beaverton residents and businesses to provide information through the Mitigation and Preparedness Survey, which will assist us during the review process. You can also provide us with any general comments relative to the plan by email to the City’s emergency manager.


The plan goals describe the overall direction that City of Beaverton agencies, organizations, and citizens can take to work toward mitigating risk from natural hazards. The overarching plan vision is to create a disaster resistant and resilient community through four Goals – each with its own list of objectives. The Goals and Objectives were validated during the plan review cycle and are as follows:

• Goal 1: Develop and implement activities to protect human life, commerce,
property, and natural systems from natural hazards.
• Goal 2: Improve Partnerships for Communication and Coordination.
• Goal 3: Enhance Emergency Services.
• Goal 4: Ensure Implementation of Mitigation Activities.

Beaverton Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

Full Plan
Executive Summary (Revised 03/2011)
Map Directory (Revised 03/2011)
  • Map 1 - Natural Hazards
  • Map 2 - Critical Facilities
  • Map 3 - Economic Assets - Zoning
  • Map 4 - Economic Assets - Employment
  • Map 5 - Environmental Assets - Trees
  • Map 6 - Environmental Assets - Parks
  • Map 7 - Functional Roads
  • Map 8 - Flood Plains - Comparison
Chapter 1: Introduction (Revised 03/2011)
Chapter 2: Community Profile (Revised 03/2011)
Chapter 3: Risk Assessment (Revised 03/2011)
Chapter 4: Mitigation Plan Goals, Action Items and Public Participation (Revised 03/2011)
Chapter 5: Plan Implementation and Maintenance (Revised 03/2011
Chapter 6: Multi-Hazard Action Items (Revised 03/2011)
Chapter 7: Flood (Revised 03/2011)
Chapter 8: Severe Weather (Revised 03/2011)
Chapter 9: Landslide (Revised 03/2011)
Chapter 10: Wildfire (Revised 03/2011)
Chapter 11: Earthquake (Revised 03/2011)
Chapter 12: Volcanic Eruption (Revised 03/2011)
Appendix A: Public Participation (Revised 03/2011)
Appendix B: Household Natural Hazards Preparedness Survey
Appendix C: Business Preparedness Survey
Appendix D: Focus Group Results
Appendix E: Economic Analysis of Natural Hazard Mitigation Projects
Appendix F: List of Acronyms
Appendix G: Consolidated Resource Directory (New 03/2011)
Appendix H: 2010 Preparedness and Mitigation Survey (New 03/2011)