Beaverton High School entrance after remodel to meet Better Buildings Challenge.Beaverton School District 

The Beaverton School District (BSD) is honored to be the City of Beaverton's first partner in the US DOE's Better Buildings Challenge, and looks forward to helping lead the community to greater energy efficiency. Although BSD is already nationally recognized for efficiently operating its 5 million square feet of building space in which it educates 39,000 students in 51 schools, it is underscoring its commitment to continuous improvement by committing 1.4 million square feet to the Better Building Challenge. These ten schools which range in age from a 98-year-old elementary to an 18-year-old high school to a 3-year-old K-8 school, are targeted for a 20% improvement in energy performance by the year 2020. Strategic utilization of energy efficiency retrofit and upgrade facilities projects will be a major component of our approach. Efficient operation and maintenance, along with teacher and student participation, will round out the overall energy management strategy to bring measurable and persistent savings.