Cultural Inclusion Program

Program Mission & Goals 

To help the City of Beaverton become increasingly welcoming, inclusive, representative, and responsive to historically underrepresented and underserved communities, particularly communities of color, immigrants, and refugees. 

  • Welcoming. Support integration and access to city programs and resources for target communities. 
  • Inclusive. Lead internal racial equity initiatives to create institutional change. 
  • Representative. Increase participation of target communities in decision-making and leadership roles. 
  • Responsive. Ensure that a framework of equity is used to develop key priorities and allocate resources. 

Interested in the Diversity Advisory Board? 

Learn more about the Diversity Advisory Board.

Leading with Race: Research Justice in Washington County 

A groundbreaking research study was released in June 2018 examining the lived experiences of communities of color in Washington County. Beaverton was the first jurisdiction to sign on and commit funds to support this important research study, created through a collaboration between jurisdictions and culturally-specific organizations across the county.



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Program History

City sponsors welcoming grants and convenes third annual Welcoming Week celebration.

Mayor Doyle and City Council join area elected leaders in joint message combating racism.

Cultural Inclusion Program hosts the city's first intern from the PCC Future Connect Program.

DEI Plan 2015-2016 Accomplishments Report / Logros 2015-2016 published.

Beaverton officially declared a Sanctuary City.
City Council meeting with DAB members in attendance.

Open letters to the community published post-election by the Diversity Advisory Board and elected officials.

Resolution passed to declare the second Monday of October Indigenous People's Day in Beaverton.

City co-hosts Partners in Diversity's Say Hey! event at Children's Museum.
City staff and volunteers attend Say Hey! event at Children’s Museum.
Beaverton Night Market double in size from first year and attracts and estimated 14,000 attendants.

BOLD Program recognized with the Public Involvement Best Practices Award from the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Cascade Chapter.

City Council passes welcoming resolution in support of Muslim Community, drafted by the Diversity Advisory Board.
Billie the Beaver holds All Are Welcome Here sign.
City's Internal Equity Team is created.
DEI Plan Year 1 Accomplishments Report published.

City adopts Title VI non-discrimination statement.

Citywide Language Access policy passed.

City celebrates first Beaverton Welcoming Week.

Diversity Advisory Board hosts the first Beaverton Night Market, attracting more than 5,000 attendants.
Aerial view of Night Market at The Round including guests and vendors.
Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business (MWESB) policy adopted by City Council and added to City Purchasing Code.
City of Beaverton declared a Welcoming City, as part of the National Welcoming Cities and Counties initiative.
Three DAB members after City Council meeting.
Chief's Breakfast Forum is created.
The Cultural Inclusion Program tied for 1st at the 2015 City Cultural Diversity Award in the population category 25,001 - 100,000 presented by the National League of Cities.
The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan is adopted by City Council.

A 13-member Diversity Advisory Board begins their work together with training, staff support and City Council liaison.
BOLD members formal presentation to City Council.
2nd BOLD Program is completed successfully with 22 graduates from more than 11 countries participating.
The DAB creates a DRAFT Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan with recommendations across eight key areas for adoption by City Council.

Multicultural Community Forum organized by the Diversity Task Force in collaboration with community partners to update priorities.
DAB members at first ever Diversity Advisory Board meeting.
Diversity Advisory Board (DAB) is established as an official standing city advisory board. Special recruitment efforts to yield diverse applicants from a variety of communities.

Cultural Inclusion Program, permanent Outreach position created in the Mayor's Office.

City contracts with the Center for Intercultural Organizing to hold the 1st BOLD (Beaverton Organizing and Leadership Development) training for immigrant and refugee leaders.

Beaverton International Celebration created as an annual celebration of the multitude of diverse racial/ethnic communities that make up Beaverton.
NW Dragon and Lion Dance Association perform at Beaverton International Celebration.
Community Outreach meetings hosted as another forum for dialog with communities of color.

Multicultural Center Feasibility Study conducted to gather information and build momentum for the future center envision by the Diversity Task Force.

Annual staff "Diversity Summits" created with Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District and the Beaverton School District (now called "Equity Seminars").

City Services Guide translated (below) into multiple languages to increase access to information about city services.

Multicultural Community Leadership Forums sponsored by the Mayor's Office and community partners bring together more than 80 leaders of color to discuss priorities for cultural inclusion.
Meeting of the Diversity Task Force.
Diversity Task Force created as the first ongoing volunteer committee to advise the Mayor's Office on diversity and equity.

Ways to Get Involved

Beaverton City Services Resource Guide 

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