Beaverton BBC Mentors

Is your business an energy efficiency leader in our community? Are you hesitant to participate in the Beaverton Better Buildings Challenge (BBC) because you may not have ‘room to improve’ by 20% by 2020?

If so, consider partnering with us as a Beaverton BBC Mentor!

Who are Beaverton BBC Mentors?

A Beaverton BBC Mentor is an energy efficiency leader in our community. These organizations have gone above and beyond to reach internal energy-related goals. They have agreed to mentor other businesses throughout Beaverton by sharing lessons learned and detailed information on how they have reached their goals and overcame barriers.

What are the benefits to being a BBC Mentor?

  1. More recognition for your stellar energy efficiency initiatives! The City of Beaverton plans to recognize BBC Mentors through its public website, press releases, Your City newsletters, events, and more.
  2. Being a part of a strong partnership among area businesses, the City of Beaverton, PGE, NW Natural, and Energy Trust of Oregon.
  3. The gratification of giving back by sharing your experiences with other businesses struggling with making the choice to implement energy saving measures. 
What does being a Beaverton BBC Mentor entail?

Businesses who sign up as a Beaverton BBC Mentor agree to:
  1. Write and share a one-page case study on what they have implemented to reach internal energy efficiency goals, report on savings experienced (ROIs), etc.
  2. Assign one contact person to correspond with other Beaverton businesses that are BBC participants and have energy efficiency questions (Estimated time is 1 hour per month).
  3. Provide a short profile and photo to include on the Beaverton BBC website.

Interested in becoming a Beaverton BBC Mentor?

Call Interim Sustainability Coordinator at (503) 526-2430 or e-mail to discuss.

We are currently recruiting interested business and will profile future mentors on this website. Check back often!