Consumption at City of Beaverton

Reducing Excess Consumption

The City of Beaverton is committed to serving our community as an example in challenging over-consumption as a common practice.


In city operated buildings, durables take precedent over single-use. Each staff kitchen is stocked with durable dishware, silverware, cups, mugs, and pitchers.

Reuse Center

The central supply room at City Hall is supplemented with a designated reuse center for recirculating used office supplies. Everything from binders to pens, and labels to desk organizers are available to staff to choose from.

Green Events

The City of Beaverton is in the processes of greening our events by making only durable dishware and cups available, and minimizing plastics and packaging that come with food and refreshments. Portion sizes of food are being reduced to prevent excess, and bottled water is being phased out in favor of pitchers. Our goal is to reach the point where food-soiled napkins are that is thrown away after city events.

Green Purchasing

The City of Beaverton is in the process of considering updates to city code to include green purchasing. The amended code will require The City to give preference to purchasing products that are certified as being socially and environmentally responsible. Goods must be made largely of recycled materials, have low toxicity, and meet the standards of credible sustainability labels, such as Energy Star, FairTrade, Green Seal, UL EcoLogo, and Cradle to Cradle.