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Beaverton City Logo

The design of the city logo was inspired by the architecture of the ceiling at the Beaverton City Library. It can simultaneously represent the iconic City Park fountain, the diversity of the community, and the exuberance of its people.

  • The logo must not be manipulated in any way.
  • Resizing the logo must be done proportionally.
  • No special effects may be added to the logo and it cannot be used as a watermark.


  • When resizing the logo, do not skew or otherwise distort the image. All elements must be scaled proportionally.
  • The logo must be sized at a minimum width of 1.25”.

Color Assignments

City of Beaverton logo with for PMS, RGB and CMYK color assignments.


Logo fonts
The city’s official logo fonts are Optima Bold (Beaverton) and Myriad Regular (Oregon). The logo shall not be presented using any other fonts. These fonts shall only be used in logo.

Text fonts
The city’s official text fonts are:

  • Libre Franklin: to be used in majority of cases as the primary font. (a Google Font available for free download)
  • Arial: to be used in occurrences when applications do not support Libre Franklin (such as certain engineering software or forms).
  • Calibri: to be used as default email font.

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Text Color Assignments

Beaverton text
CMYK 100, 72, 0, 0
RGB 0, 57, 166
HEX 0039A6
Pantone 286c

RGB 146, 148, 151
HEX 929497
50% Black

First figure from left
CMYK 0, 52, 100, 0
RGB 233, 131, 0
HEX E98300
Pantone 144c

Second figure from left
CMYK 100, 28, 0, 0
RGB 0, 122, 201
HEX 007AC9
Pantone 3005c

Third figure from left

CMYK 0, 30, 95, 0
RGB 255, 182, 18
Pantone 1235c

Fourth figure from left

CMYK 67, 0, 98, 5
RGB 88, 166, 24
HEX 58A618
Pantone 369c

Fifth figure from left

CMYK 67, 91, 0, 0
RGB 128, 55, 155
HEX 80379B
Pantone 2593c