Alternative Transportation & Transit Options

Sustainable Commutes

How we choose to commute to, from, and through our community has a strong impact on how we contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. With a share of 29% of all emissions in the United States, transportation is the greatest source of CO2 and other gases emitted into our atmosphere (EPA, Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions link).

“Alternative” Transportation Options

In Beaverton, alternative transportation options are growing and becoming much easier to access, making it easier to shrink our community’s dependence on fossil fuels. Together, we can choose to change the alternative to the primary mode of commuting.

Combining Trips

Be strategic with your driving! List out your errands for the day or week and look to take care of those that are close to one another.

Bikes and E-Bikes

Beaverton is rich with bike lanes and bike friendly roads. For your convenience, Oregon Metro has created an interactive map of bike routes to help you get safely to where you’re going!

E-Bikes are another great option for zipping around emissions free on two wheels. Equipped with rechargeable batteries, E-Bikes are easier to pedal. Visit your local bike store for price points and specifications!

Remember to wear a helmet and have both front and rear reflectors attached to your bike! Ages 16 and under are required by law to wear helmets.

More resources on biking rules in Oregon


Go by bus, ride the MAX or take the Westside Express Service! As opposed to single-passenger trips, the emissions from public transit are dispersed across a large number of passengers, making each trip less energy intensive. As an added bonus, TriMet is in the process of introducing emissions free, quiet, all electric buses that will run on Line 62-Murray here in Beaverton!


A large portion of transportation emissions comes from vehicle miles travelled for single-passenger trips. Putting our cars to more efficient use with carpooling will take unnecessary cars off the road and prevent unnecessary emissions. Start a carpool group with coworkers, friends, or neighbors for travelling to a common destination.

Want to encourage your employees to carpool to work? In Beaverton, you can give priority to carpool parking on your property without a permit. When planning parking spaces for a new development, consider carpooling ahead of time to reduce space taken up by parking lots!


Find safe, accessible parking in downtown Beaverton with our interactive parking map!