Group meeting at Auto Waxing Systems brownfields site.

Brownfield Remediation Programs

Several city, state, and federal programs exist to assist property owners with the brownfield remediation process and allow the property to return to productive use. Jurisdiction over environmental matters in Oregon is given to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Are you confused about the brownfield remediation process? The Brownfield Road Map illustrates the general steps involved in the investigation and cleanup of a brownfield site.

State Programs

  • Brownfield Redevelopment Fund - This program assists individuals, non-profit organizations, and local governments with financing to evaluate, cleanup, and redevelop brownfields.
    Contact: Karen Homolac-Brownfields Coordinator, 503-986-0050
  • DEQ Site-Specific Assessments of Brownfields - This program is designed to promote redevelopment or property transfer.
    Contact: Rebecca Wells-Albers-Northwest Region Coordinator, 503-229-5585
  • Oregon Coalition Brownfields Cleanup Fund - The program’s primary purpose is to assist private persons and local governments to cleanup and therefore redevelop brownfields.
    Contact: Oegon Coalition Staff, 503-986-0123
  • Oregon Health Authority’s Brownfield Initiative - This program is designed to involve community members in identifying actions that support healthy living, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, providing education, and understanding the health benefits of brownfield redevelopment.
    Contact: Oregon Health Authority Staff, 971-673-0977, or
  • Prospective Purchaser Agreement - This is a legally binding agreement between DEQ and a prospective purchaser or lessee of real property. It limits the purchaser’s or lessee’s liability to DEQ for environmental cleanup of the property.
    Contact: Oregon Department of Environmental Quality staff, 503-229-6461

Federal Programs

  • EPA Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training Grants - This program is designed to provide funding to recruit, train, and place predominantly low-income and minority, unemployed, and under-employed residents of solid and hazardous waste-impacted communities with the skills needed to secure full-time sustainable employment in the environmental field and in the assessment and cleanup work taking place in their communities.
    Contact: Robert Tan-Coordinator, 206-553-2580,
  • EPA Multi-Purpose Pilot Grants - This new grant program funds assessment and cleanup work at a specific brownfield site owned by the applicant.
    Contact: Terri Griffith-Coordinator, 206-553-8511,
  • EPA Sustainability Pilot Grants - This new grant program funds efforts that promote environmental sustainability at local brownfield projects.
    Contact: Terri Griffith-Coordinator, 206-553-8511,