Wayfinding Project

Wayfinding is the art of using landmarks, signage, pathways, and environmental cues to help first-time visitors navigate and experience a site without confusion. These cues should be seamlessly connected, well planned, and esthetically pleasing. They should create a positive first impression and a sense of security and comfort.

As part of the city of Beaverton’s Downtown Wayfinding Project, the city is developing a wayfinding systems plan for Downtown Beaverton. This project was initiated because there is a distinct absence of pedestrian wayfinding cues, information, and signage in Downtown. With over 1,000 businesses, 7,000 employees, 123,000 transit users, and 91,000 residents coming through the Downtown pedestrians are unaware of distances, direct routes, and destinations. Several policy documents point to the need for more wayfinding in and around the downtown. This is the first step in implementing those suggested policy directions.

The city of Beaverton’s Downtown Wayfinding Project work plan consists of five phases spread out over the course of four years (subject to change). The city is currently implementing the second phase-pedestrian kiosks and advanced vehicular directional. View the flier summarizing the project

Please note that the phasing order is subject to change. 

Map of the Project Area (PDF)

Beaverton Vehicular Wayfinding Signage

Graphic of front and back of new Creekside Wayfinding signs.

Wayfinding Signage Implementation

A presentation was made to City Council on July 15th, 2014 pertaining to initial implementation of wayfinding signage along Hall Blvd and Watson Ave south of Farmington Rd. This area was chosen because it provides critical pedestrian linkages to the City Library, Historic Broadway, Beaverton High School, and the Beaverton Post Office. This initial phase includes pedestrian directional, parking signage, and a pedestrian kiosk. 
The initial wayfinding implementation activities are made possible through a $41,416 Washington County Visitors Association (WCVA) Capital Grant. It is anticipated that full implementation will continue through 2017. The city continues to pursue other grants to fund this project.

Phase 1: Implementation Hall/Watson Couplet Plan

Contact Info

Mike Williams, Economic Development Division Manager, mwilliams@beavertonoregon.gov, 503-526-2456

Additional Resources

Please view resources about wayfinding.