Recycling Plastics Properly

Recycling plastics can sometimes be confusing. What can you recycle at the curb? Are there other plastics you can take to a depot for recycling? What happens to plastics after they are recycled? There are really just a few things you need to know: 

Recycle only the allowed plastics in your curbside cart. 

Even if you have looked at it before, review the list of items acceptable in your curbside cart. Resist the temptation to add other items that seem similar or recyclable to you. Unacceptable items that are frequently put in carts include all kinds of plastic bags and wrap, clam shell containers and garden hoses. 

Not Acceptable
Milk cartons
Yogurt tubs
Shampoo bottles
Water bottles
More acceptable items
Blister packs
Plastic utensils
Brewed coffee containers
Plastic bags
More not acceptable items
Curbside recycling includes plastic detergent, soda, water bottles, construction buckets.Samples of no recycling items blister packs, plastic utensils, brewed coffee containers and more.

The plastics you recycle at the curb are made into new products.

You may have heard about recent plastics market fluctuations in the news. The plastics you recycle curbside or at a recycling depot like Far West Recycling go to manufacturers in the U.S. and Asia to be made into new products. The plastics accepted in our curbside program are those for which demand by manufacturers is strongest and most stable. The demand for the other types of plastics that are accepted at Far West Recycling or special collection events is more variable. 

Recycle other plastics at a depot. 

First check what's accepted at the local recycling depots

Look for opportunities to reduce your waste.

When possible, avoid items with plastic packaging. Try buying in bulk and reusing your bag or container. Buying less plastic means less need to recycle or throw it away. 

Thank you for making recycling successful in Oregon. Recycling questions? Ask Metro. 503-234-3000 or or contact Beaverton's Recycling Program at 503-526-2665 or