Street Maintenance

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Washington County, Oregon Road Construction Projects

About Street Maintenance 

Beaverton’s Public Works Department enhances public safety through the good maintenance of city streets. Summer is when Tualatin Valley cities pave roads. Overall, Beaverton has good roads because staff constantly track conditions, looking for cracks and potholes. City staff work hard to reduce impacts of this work on the public, however some disruptions are unavoidable. 

  • Residential roads and travel lanes will remain open to local traffic 
  • On the day work is scheduled, vehicles and other objects will need to be cleared from the street 
  • Expect traffic delays, detours and construction noise between 7 am and 6 pm 
  • Drivers advised to use alternate routes during paving hours 
  • Road projects may cause occasional delays and inconveniences 
  • City committed to completing work as quickly as possible, while providing quality product 

The City of Beaverton responsibly maintains its roads to prevent long-term condition issues that would require rebuilding. City-maintained streets are frequently inspected, and the Public Works Department resurfaces streets on a regular schedule, which is more cost-effective and less disruptive to residents than rebuilding.

Improvements to Curb Ramps, Utilities, Resurfacing Streets

The City of Beaverton’s Public Works Department is in the process of making improvements to curb ramps, sidewalks, hydrants and catch basins with a completion expected June 2019. If there is landscape restoration, damage to private property or anything needing to be brought back to its original condition due to the construction of the curb ramps, please contact Public Works so we can have the contractor rectify. As part of the process, the city lowers water valves and manholes in preparation for the pavement resurfacing. During this work there will be no traffic delays or impacts to driveways. In the areas where parking will be restricted, specific signs will be posted for “No Parking”. Crews will work from 7 am to no later than 5 pm each day to minimize impact(s) to the neighborhood. The tentative paving schedule by neighborhood is weather-dependent. Traffic lanes will be flagged and remain open to local traffic. The city will complete the project as quickly as possible and work to minimize inconvenience, but there will be occasional delays. Watch for barricades indicating “No Parking” and the dates of when the resurfacing will occur. Transportation improvements was one of Beaverton City Council’s priorities for 2018, including pedestrian and sidewalk improvement projects. The city works hard to maintain local streets, including regular resurfacing to prevent deterioration.

Street map of area between SW Davies, SW Murray, SW Scholls Ferry and SW Settler Way.

Public works crew spreading cement to form a curb ramp.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we make improvements. If you have questions, please email Public Works or phone 503-526-4084. 

About Street Maintenance Overlay Projects

In preparation for paving, city landscapers will come through the neighborhood and trim the trees, so the milling and paving equipment don’t damage the trees by tearing off the branches.

City staff will be paving the streets beginning on or around July 1, 2019, weather dependent. Streets will be milled and prepped for paving, then clean-up and finally hot asphalt paving will commence. The city will pave all the cul-de-sacs first and then the main line streets.

Traffic lanes will be flagged and remain open to local traffic. The city will complete the project as quickly as possible and work to minimize inconvenience, but there will be occasional delays. Watch for barricades, with work dates, indicating “No Parking.”

The city’s priority is to ensure all property owners can get in and out of their driveways. Mail delivery and garbage pick-up will not be interrupted. If you have special deliveries, project(s) or need(s), please contact Public Works for help accommodating special scheduling needs.

Please keep in mind that the tack coat that is put down prior to the asphalt overlay is very messy and does not clean-up easily and the asphalt itself is very HOT! Safety is our first priority, so please keep young children and pets inside during this time.

Resurfacing streets regularly, rather than allowing them to deteriorate, saves money for the city. Pavement resurfacing overlay is considerably less expensive than rebuilding streets. Beaverton inspects its streets frequently to determine which roads are in need of paving.

If you have questions about the paving, please call 503-526-4084 (Public Works, Operations Office) or email Public Works.

FY 2019 - 2020 Street Maintenance Projects

April through June 2019

Map of area between SW Singletree Dr, SW Davies Rd, SW Rawhide Ct and SW 135th Ave.

July through October 2019

Map of area between NW Cornell Rd, NW 183rd Ave, NW Walker Rd and NW Waterhouse Ave.

Map of area between SW Settler Way, SW 125th Ave, SW Scholls Ferry Rd and SW Conestoga Dr.

Map of area between SW Sexton Mountain Dr, SW Murray Blvd, SW Brockman St and SW 135th Ave.