Street Maintenance

What We Do

The Street Maintenance Section enhances public safety through the preservation of our city streets. Maintenance is accomplished through pavement resurfacing, surface patching and crack sealing to prevent water infiltration and replacing deteriorated sections. Major resurfacing projects such as asphalt overlays are prioritized through a pavement Management System software program.

The city is also making improvements to curb ramps, bringing them up to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Improvements to curb ramps will be done before street paving in neighborhoods is scheduled.

New curb ramps will be installed where needed and improvements will be made to existing ramps. This may include grading the ramp, adding texture to the sidewalk, or improving the street landing.

Transportation improvements are one of the Beaverton City Council’s priorities for 2018, including pedestrian and sidewalkimprovement projects. The city works hard to maintain local streets, including regular resurfacing to prevent deterioration.

Public works crew spreading cement to form a curb ramp.