Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance Overlay Project

The City of Beaverton’s Public Works Department has completed the improvements to sidewalk curb ramps in your neighborhood in preparation for the resurfacing of the streets as mandated by the Federal Highway Administration. If there is landscape restoration, damage to private property or anything that needs to be brought back to its’ original condition, due to the construction of the curb ramps, please call or email me so I can have the contractor rectify.

In preparation for paving, city landscapers will come through the neighborhood and trim the trees, so the milling and paving equipment don’t damage the trees by tearing off the branches.

City staff will be paving the streets shown on the map during the week(s) of August 27 through September 6, 2018. On August 27, the streets will be milled and prepped for paving, then clean-up and finally hot asphalt paving will commence. The city will pave all the cul-de-sacs first and then the main line streets, such as Weir Road and Citation Drive. Dapplegrey Loop will take two days to pave.

The exact schedule is weather-dependent. Work will begin at 7 am and finish no later than 5 pm each day. Traffic lanes will be flagged and remain open to local traffic. The city will complete the project as quickly as possible and work to minimize inconvenience, but there will be occasional delays. Watch for barricades that will indicate “No Parking” and will be dated.

The city’s priority is to ensure all property owners can get in and out of their driveways. Mail delivery and garbage pick-up will not be interrupted. If you have a special; deliveries, project(s) or need(s), please do not hesitate to contact me and I can help accommodate your needs with our schedule.

Please keep in mind that the tack coat that is put down prior to the asphalt overlay is very messy and does not clean-up easily and the asphalt itself is very HOT! Safety is our first priority, so please keep young children and pets inside during this time.

Resurfacing streets regularly, rather than allowing them to deteriorate, saves money for the city. Pavement resurfacing overlay is considerably less expensive than rebuilding streets. Beaverton inspects its streets frequently to determine which roads are in need of paving.

For more information on city road projects occurring this summer, please visit

If you have questions about the paving, you can call 503-526-4084 (Public Works, Operations Office) or email at

Public works crew spreading cement to form a curb ramp.

FY 2018 - 2019 Street Maintenance Projects

Map of street overlay projects between Murray Blvd, Harness Ln, Davies Rd.