Wayfinding Systems Plan

The City of Beaverton began the wayfinding systems planning process. The plan is the first and most critical step in the city’s project because the plan establishes the policy framework for subsequent implementation phases. The purpose of the plan is to outline the best location and types of signage needed for visitors and residents. The wayfinding systems plan is comprised of elements such as the identification of sign locations, sign design, construction documents, and a program implementation plan. A community workshop was held to garner public input into the process.
The city hired Sea Reach Ltd, a wayfinding consulting firm based out of Sheridan, Oregon. Sea Reach has extensive experience working with communities similar to the city of Beaverton and larger core metropolitan cities such as Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA on the development of their wayfinding systems plans.
Members of the Wayfinding Committee standing in front of large map.
Plotted map used for Wayfinding sign placement.

Wayfinding Steering Committee (WSC)

The WSC has been charged with guiding the planning process and is comprised of the following members:
  • Joyce Barnard — City of Beaverton: Mayor’s Office
  • Jenny Cadigan — Westside Transportation Alliance
  • Lorraine Clarno — Beaverton Chamber of Commerce
  • Abigail Elder — Beaverton City Library
  • Alma Flores — City of Beaverton: Economic Development Division (Project Lead)
  • David Harrison — Beaverton Committee for Community Involvement
  • Jaann Hosington — Beaverton Visioning Advisory Committee
  • Liz Jones — City of Beaverton: Implementation Planning Division
  • Jerry Jones — Lanphere Enterprises / Beaverton Urban Renewal Agency
  • Jabra Khasho — City of Beaverton: Engineering Division  
  • Claudia McCarter — Beaverton Downtown Association
  • Carolyn McCormick — Washington County Visitors Association
  • Robert McCracken — City of Beaverton: Implementation Planning Division
  • Margaret Middleton — City of Beaverton: Engineering Division
  • Lani Parr — City of Beaverton: Neighborhood Programs
  • Luke Pelz — City of Beaverton: Long Range Planning Division
  • Ross Puderbaugh — City of Beaverton: Public Works Department
  • Massoud Saberian &mdash Beaverton Visioning Advisory Committee
  • Jayne Scott — Beaverton Arts Commission
  • Nita Shah — Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon
  • Anjanette Simon — City of Beaverton: Implementation Planning Division
  • Michelle Tagmeyer — City of Beaverton: Mayor’s Office
  • Juanita Villarreal — Beaverton Hispanic Center
  • Inessa Vitko — TriMet / Beaverton Urban Renewal Agency
  • Naomi Vogel — Washington County: Land Use & Transportation Department

Core Project Management Team for the Wayfinding Steering Committee

Alma Flores, Liz Jones, Luke Pelz, Ross Puderbaugh, Amy Koski, and Anjanette Simon

WSP Agendas & Meeting Summaries


Referenced Documents & Plans

Wayfinding Committee members review maps and Wayfinding sign samples.
Plots of Wayfinding sign samples for Creekside District.

Final Draft

The Sea Reach consultant team made a presentation to the Beaverton City Council during the Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 meeting. Please click on the links below to view the final draft of the Beaverton Wayfinding System Plan.