Chapter 1: Comprehensive Plan Amendment Procedures Element Summary

Procedures-Icon_yellow.jpgThis element describes the process for amending the Comprehensive Plan and identifies the approval criteria, public notice requirements and hearing procedures for each type of Comprehensive Plan Amendment.
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Historic black and white aerial photo of Beaverton, Oregon.

Comprehensive Plan Amendments - Five General Categories

  • Legislative: amendments to the Comprehensive Plan text or map of a generalized nature initiated by the City that applies to an entire land use map category or a large number of individuals or properties or that establishes or modifies policy or procedure.
  • Quasi-Judicial: amendments to a Land Use Map designation that applies to specific parcels or that applies to a small number of individuals or properties or locations.
  • Historic Landmark, District or Tree Designation Removal: amendments requested from the property owner to remove said designation.
  • Non-Discretionary: amendments to the Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map to add an annexed property, or properties, to the Map with a Land Use Map designation assigned through direct application of the Washington County-Beaverton Urban Planning Area Agreement (UPAA).
  • Statewide Planning Goal 5 Inventory Document Amendment: amendments to Volume III of the Comprehensive Plan. These amendments may be legislative, quasi-judicial, or non-discretionary.

The reports, plans and maps provided below are related to the City’s Comprehensive Plan Amendment procedures.

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