Chapter 2: Public Involvement Element Summary

Involvement-Icon_blue.jpgThis Comprehensive Plan element addresses public involvement within the context of Statewide Planning Goal 1.
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Meeting members inspect plan drawings and images at outdoor Beaverton event.
Meeting attendees work together adding note to plan map.

Public involvement program objectives

  • To involve a cross section of the community in the community planning process.
  • To ensure effective two-way communication between the City and the public.
  • To provide an opportunity for the public to be involved in all phases of the planning process (e.g., scoping, analysis, plan preparation, adoption, implementation, and monitoring).
  • To ensure that technical information is presented in an understandable form.
  • To ensure that the public will receive a response from policy-makers.
  • To ensure appropriate funding for the public involvement program.

The reports, plans and maps provided below helped shape the City’s policies relating to Statewide Planning Goal 1.

City Resources

Background Reports


Interactive Data and Mapping Tools