Chapter 6: Transportation Element Summary

Transportation Icon.This Comprehensive Plan element addresses public facilities and services within the context of special service districts and urban services in Beaverton.
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Father with two children taking a break from pedaling the bike pull.
Aerial view of The Round condos with westbound Max train just leaving the station.

The city’s goals for transportation include:

  • Transportation facilities designed and constructed in a manner to enhance Beaverton’s livability and meet federal, state, regional, and local requirements.
  • A balanced multimodal transportation system that provides mobility and accessibility for users.
  • A safe transportation system.
  • An efficient transportation system that reduces the percentage of trips by single occupant vehicles, reduces the number and length of trips, limits congestion, and improves air quality.
  • Transportation facilities that serve and are accessible to all members of the community.
  • Transportation facilities that provide safe efficient movement of goods.
  • Implement the transportation plan by working cooperatively with federal, State, regional, and local governments, the private sector, and residents.
  • Create a stable, flexible financial system.

The Transportation chapter is currently being reviewed as part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan Update. Changes to the Transportation chapter will be adopted during the Transportation System Plan update.

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