Chapter 8: Environmental Quality and Safety Element Summary

Environmental Quality Icon.This Comprehensive Plan element addresses public facilities and services within the context of special service districts and urban services in Beaverton.
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Public Works staff plants drought resistant grasses along tree lawn of newly paved road.
Beaverton wetlands area with native vegetation near industrial park.

The city’s goals for environmental quality and safety include:

  • Maintain and improve water quality, and protect the beneficial uses, functions and values of water resources.
  • Maintain and improve Beaverton’s air quality to increase livability and quality of life.
  • Create and protect a healthy acoustical environment within the City.
  • Protect life and property from potential earthquake hazards.
  • Protect life and property from geological hazards associated with identified unstable steep slopes, erosion and deposition, and weak foundation soils.
  • Maintain the functions and values of floodplains, to allow for the storage and conveyance of stream flows and to minimize the loss of life and property.
  • Reduce the amount of solid waste generated per capita.
  • Prevent inappropriate disposal of toxic or hazardous waste materials.

The reports, plans and maps provided below helped shape the City’s policies relating to Statewide Planning Goals 6 and 7.

City Resources

Background Reports

City of Beaverton Maps

Interactive Data and Mapping Tools

Three young ladies wearing orange safety vests holding Beaverton Recycling Day Entrance sign.